10 Mouthwatering Reasons Buffalo Chicken Is The Only Friend You'll Ever Need

10 Mouthwatering Reasons Buffalo Chicken Is The Only Friend You'll Ever Need

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If I had the linguistic skills of the bard William Shakespeare, I'd write a sonnet about buffalo chicken - that's how much I love it. Beautiful women have their undoubted appeal, but I don't think I've ever been happier than when I'm nose deep in a buffalo chicken burger.

Call me a fanatic, but buffalo chicken is the thing that keeps my earth in orbit. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is, if you haven't tried it before then you really should. A versatile ingredient, simply eating a chicken burger isn't always enough. In fact, I've been putting the hallowed spicy poultry on everything, and 60 per cent of the time it works every time...

Here are some recipes that showcase the juicy meat at its best, and after you've seen them I promise you'll want to make, and devour, every last one.

1. Buffalo Chicken French Bread


2. Buffalo Chicken Mozzarella Rolls


3. Hot Honey Buffalo Chicken Pizza


4. Buffalo Chicken Wing Melt


5. Buffalo Hummus


6. Buffalo Chicken Sweet Potato Fries


7. Buffalo Chicken Penne


8. Lighter Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese


9. Crock Pot Buffalo Chicken Tater Tot Casserole


10. Buffalo Ranch Stuffed Peppers


I mean, come on. How can you say no to these delicious buffalo chick recipes? The perfect amount of spice and sharpness, it really is the food of the gods. Everyone is always going on about fried chicken, but for me it will always be about that sweet, sweet buffalo sauce.

Right, I think it's high time I tuck into my dinner... Buffalo chicken mac and cheese, washed down with a nice buffalo chicken wing melt. That's what I call a meal.