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12 Times Whole Foods Was The Absolute Worst

12 Times Whole Foods Was The Absolute Worst

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As anyone who lives in a big city will know, Whole Foods is a food lovers' paradise. If you've been struggling to find that one really weird ingredient listed in your favourite cookbook, you can bet you'll find it at Whole Foods.

It's also the perfect place to gawp at the ridiculous things some people are willing to spend their money on. Need an emu egg for your next dinner party? Whole Foods. Ever felt the need to chug a litre of asparagus-infused water? Whole Foods.

1. Water... with two sticks of asparagus... for $5.99?!? screen-shot-2016-10-06-at-11-19-48

2. If you can't get enough kale in your life, now you can display it around your house


3. Kale finds its way into a sausage


4. Why ruin the world's greatest food with kale?!?




6. It's a tomato... 


7. Those bees better be pretty darn special


8. Whole Foods after dark


9. Whole Foods, whole... swordfish?

10. Mother... is that you?

11. Nothing makes sense anymore

12. For those of you with gluten intolerant faces

If you were wondering what kind of suckers would actually fall for these ridiculous items, then look no further than the following video. This guy dressed up as a Whole Foods staff member, and unleashed a barrage of nonsense on the unsuspecting customers. Of course, they gobbled it right up.

If you're now in the mood to look at more ridiculously expensive food, look no further than this pizza, which is being touted as one of the most expensive in the world.

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