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19 Food Snapchats That Will Make You Full To The Brim With Laughter

19 Food Snapchats That Will Make You Full To The Brim With Laughter

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If I were to compare my own skill set to those seen on cookery programs then I'm afraid that I would fall into the Kitchen Nightmare category. Although we try our very hardest, it's safe to say that we are not all gifted with Gordon Ramsey's culinary mastery. Not trying to burst your bubble or anything, but cereal and toast does not count as cooking.

When we take charge in the kitchen we do surprise ourselves from time to time, but not always in the way we would like. These 21 people have had some shocking food fails that have been documented in the best way possible. They were so surprised that they felt the need to shame themselves through these hilarious Snapchats.

1. The time a baby became a tex-mex dip 


2. But can we call it modern art?


3. When she says that she'll send nudes but instead you get this


4. How not to fry Oreos 


5. "You were only meant to blow the bloody doors off?" 


6. Because 'Murica


7. When you take puns to the next level


8. The key to guilt-free eating 


9. When you're so thirsty that you open up the gates of hell


10. There is always one person whose Snaps make you question their sanity


11. Relationship goals 


12. When he looks after your safety


13. Just ditch that Pinterest hack and follow a normal recipe if you want edible food


14. When your food label starts acting all allusive and mysterious


15. When Courgis meet their plant rival - "zucchini"


16. The alternative Finding Dory ending that they didn't show us 


17. What happens when you spell lasagna wrong 


18. When girls try to make fire


19. Toast or weapon? 


So there you have it: a compilation of the world's funniest food Snaps. But we have learned plenty from this. Do not use the extreme setting on the toaster, Pinterest isn't always right and the new healthy means cutting your meals in half.

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