These 5 crazy dessert-entrée mashups will change the way you see food

These 5 crazy dessert-entrée mashups will change the way you see food

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When first we heard of bacon and egg ice cream, the idea seemed absurd. Pudding is pudding, breakfast is breakfast - and never the twain shall meet. However, we are now seeing all sorts of whacky dessert/main course mashups that are challenging us to think outside the box. Here are a few of the sweet and savoury hybrids that not only sound awesome, but are genuinely delicious.

1. Fried Chicken and Waffles

Probably the oldest example of this kind of meat-meets-sweet alchemy, fried chicken and waffles have been a soul food favourite for nearly 200 years. Today especially popular in the states of Maryland and Baltimore, this dish is living proof that chicken and dessert belong together on the same plate. With the saltiness of the chicken perfectly offset by the rich sugariness of the syrup and waffles, there is no box that this meal doesn’t tick.

2. Brioche and Lobster

Though it has since become a cornerstone of the contemporary burger shack, brioche was originally conceived as a viennoiserie (a type of enriched pastry) and is considered cousin to pain au chocolat and pain au raisin. The sweet dough works perfectly with a whole heap of different meats, but for this list we’ve gone for the iconic lobster in a brioche roll. The naturally sweet lobster meat takes the brioche to another level of deliciousness, as both juices and sauce soak into the dough. Hook it to our veins.

3. Maple bacon donut

When you put bacon on everything, as we tend to do these days, eventually you will strike gold. So it has proved with the Frankenstein’s Monster that is the maple bacon donut. Is it a pudding? Is it breakfast? Is it a snack? We don’t know and don’t care. Salty bacon is the perfect ingredient to prevent sugary glazing, syrup and donut becoming overly saccharine. This treat is the ultimate indulgence. We know it’s bad, but we just don't care.

4. Croissant Sandwich

France, hide your eyes! It might be blasphemy, but so was Galileo claiming the earth went round the sun. In a way, it’s shocking that no one thought to make a sandwich out of a croissant sooner. The beauty of this combination is the plethora of possibility that it provides. We’ve seen steak, turkey, bacon and eggs all crammed into a croissant, all with delicious results. At Twisted, we’ve even had a crack at our own ham and cheese creation. We’re sorry, France, but the croissant is just too good to ignore.

5. Fried chicken ice cream

To finish, we return to the world of fried chicken. This time, it’s cold. And a little unpolished. Over the last few years, a number of people have been toying with the idea of chicken and ice cream, but have not yet stumbled upon the definitive solution to crack the case.

The Japanese have put chicken in the ice cream, Washingtonians (yes, that is what they’re called) have put them both in a sandwich and New Yorkers are putting chicken in ice cream cones. While we’ve clearly got a way to go before this dish is perfected, early signs are promising. The ice cream sandwiches, in particular, are really yummy.

As more and more chefs play with their food, it’s becoming clear that we could have a whole heap of new discoveries just over the horizon. It might be sacrilegious to some, but we can’t wait to see what new creations are coming. Bring on the next batch of madcap mash-ups.