5 Nations that have perfected hangover food

5 Nations that have perfected hangover food

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There are few things that can make a hangover even more depressing. The churning stomach, throbbing head, distress, dejection and dismay that come with a particularly heavy night are generally only remedied by copious amounts of grease - preferably administered via bacon. But, as we know, bacon and grease are not universal phenomena, nor indeed an inoculation against every affliction. Sometimes, either by design or by disaster, you may find yourself waking up somewhere that has developed an alternative approach to hangover treatment. These are the nations we think have the dishes that do it best.



Crispy French fries, drowned in gravy and cheese curds, topped with all manner of meat and veggies. A good poutine ticks every hangover box. While the classic poutine’s beauty is in its simplicity, poutineries the world over are branching out into all sorts of weird and wonderful variants, with pulled pork, sweet potatoes and even peanut butter being thrown into the mix. Roll up and tuck in.



Japanese dishes are famed more for their grace than their grease. However, for a hangover cure that will fill you up with all manner of goodness, give you a big hug and tell you all is well, you can’t beat an oden. This classic Japanese comfort food consists of vegetables, fishcakes and tofu, served in a dashi broth. Perfect restorative fare for those feeling extra fragile.



Sometimes, a mountain of food is the last thing that your hangover needs. In these situations, it’s best to adopt a little and often approach. Enter the pierogi. These delicious dumplings are considered to be the national dish of Poland, and typically come filled with a mixture of cheese, potatoes, onions and pork. Grab a bucketful and browse your way to hangover salvation.

South Africa

Bunny Chow

The name may be perturbing for rabbit lovers the world over, but bunny chow is a definite contender for the title of greatest sandwich ever. One of South Africa’s most treasured street foods, "bunnies" consist of a hollowed out white bread loaf stuffed with meatballs, curry or beans. If it sounds messy and difficult to manage, it is. Much like a hangover. But it’s also undeniably delicious.



For all the good fiddly dumplings and healthful soups can do, sometimes the only thing that will really hit the spot is a massive pile of meat. Many nations have perfected the dark art of carnal cookery, but for the express purpose of blasting away the hangover blues, carnitas really are the one. Slow cooked pulled pork, meshed with spices, coriander and guac is a surefire way to improve any situation, no matter how miserable you may have been feeling beforehand. Wrap in a tortilla, or attack sans cutlery - either will work.

Alcohol-fuelled madness can lead you down all sorts of curious cul de sacs. If you’re going to make an ill-advised drunken trip anywhere, try and end up somewhere on this list. At least that way, when you wake up you'll have something delicious to munch as you plot your route home.