7 American Foods That Taste Totally Different In The UK

7 American Foods That Taste Totally Different In The UK

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Oh the joys of being abroad. There's so much you can do in England that you can't in America. Some of the buildings I pass on my walk to the store are older than my home country. There's no extra tax to pay on anything. The best thing though? Going to the pub on a Monday after work is completely normal.

Despite these advantages, I still manage to get a little home sick now and then. It's way harder than it should be to get a decent drip coffee. I don't think I've ever gone this long without going to Target. Last, and certainly not least: some of my favorite foods taste weird over here.

1. Skittles

My favorite little candies are truly a revelation. There's nothing quite like tasting the rainbow. If you're a Skittle aficionado like myself, take buckets with you when you're travelling to the UK. They taste so different. Since I've been conditioned to prefer the American version, the moment I popped a UK Skittle in my mouth, I promptly spat it out.

They taste different for two reasons. The first is that the UK Skittles don't contain gelatin, which is good for vegetarians. In the US we also fortify the treat with vitamin C. Mmm... delicious.


2. McDonald's

In America, we take our McDonald's very seriously. My standard meal: chicken nuggets, french fries, and if I'm feeling frisky, a McFlurry. Obviously my time in England has led me to search out a drunk meal and my first choice was of course the golden arches. Imagine my excitement when I realised that the ritual could continue despite my new location. The problem - it tastes crazy different.

The french fries, sorry - chips, are just not as good. Do they lack all the greasy and salty deliciousness that's so common in the US? Perhaps. Chicken nuggets also taste different too,which is a travesty. The upside is that they have some pretty spectacular things on their menu. If you're ever in the UK, make sure you try the mozzarella dippers. Yum.


3. Coke Cola

Coke might be the most American drink in existence (besides moonshine obviously). Even the polar bears in the commercial are probably from the US. I hate to say it, but Coke across the pond actually tastes better.

It's because the UK actually uses real sugar. Come on, America. Back home they use High Fructose Corn Syrup to sweeten the drink. No wonder it tastes better in Blighty.


4. Kit Kats

The Brits might think that Kit Kats are their thing, but I know better. Breaking off a piece of that bar is an American tradition (and it's infinitely better in the US because the UK doesn't quite have the same taste). Even the crunch when you bite into it isn't as satisfying.

Interestingly enough, Nestle makes Kit Kat bars all over the world except for one country - America. Hersheys is responsible for crafting our version of the crispy chocolate. That explains why it tastes so different. Which is better? Obviously, I'm partial to the American version. Sue me.


5. KFC

Let me be the first one to tell you that KFC in the UK is so different that they should use another name. I was minding my own business, looking for a wonderful hangover meal when genius struck - get KFC! The delicious fried chicken and mashed potatoes were calling my name.

Imagine my shock when I ordered my mashed potatoes, I find that they don't sell them! Instead they had french fries (again sorry, chips). I gave the chicken a shot at least, and was once again let down. Not the delicious KFC chicken I know and love. Zero stars Britain.


6. Smarties

You don't need to be a smarty to figure this one out (sorry, the pun was just essential). If you see the two side-by-side, you'll realize that they aren't even the same thing. In fact, the smarties over in England are made of chocolate. What the hell?

Everyone in America knows that smarties are the delicious hard candies that teachers chuck at you when you've answered a question correctly. I didn't even know I missed this candy until I realize the injustice. UK smarties are just... dumb.


7. Cadbury Chocolate

Once again, I'll admit that the UK does this one way better than we do. A Cadbury bar back home is pretty delicious, but believe me when I say Europe in general does chocolate way, way better. The texture, taste, and feel of UK Cadbury is a dream come true.

Thought the ingredients aren't that different, how the two are made is the kicker. The UK use a different amount of cocoa, flavor of the milk, and mix it for different lengths of time. Sorry US - we lost this one.


Oh America, you know I love you for many things. I do have to admit, it's mostly the food. After all, did anyone else notice how unhealthy all the food on this list is? You did that, America - and I love you for it. Sure, the UK has incredible history, amazing sights, and even some pretty great food. But still, there's truly no place like an American McDonald's. God bless you Ronald McDonald.