7 Insane Fast Food Menu Items

7 Insane Fast Food Menu Items

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Fast food has always been a place for creativity and left-field thinking. Whether it's fusion food reaching its zenith, or someone coating everything possible in bacon, fast food franchises are at the forefront of modern cuisine whether we like it or not.

Personally, I'd prefer a Michelin dinner, but I also know how to chow down on a Big Tasty from McDonald's. What makes fast food so great is that thinking outside the box is encouraged. What we have for you here are some fast food creations that are more than a little bit out there.

1. Pizza Hut Hong Kong: Flying Fish Roe Salmon Cream Cheese Pizza

Gross on so many levels, this Pizza Hut creation combines fish and cheese... but not in a good tuna melt kind of way. Instead, this creation is topped with scallops, crayfish, clams and shrimp. A bite into it will force your mouth to deal with a mix of cream cheese and fish eggs!


2. Japan: Kit Kat Sandwich

The kings and queens of the bizarre, Japan have even managed to make Kit Kats a bit weird. Japanese fast food chain First Kitchen is offering a crazy sandwich, which is essentially a Kit Kat smothered with whipped cream and orange peel between two slices of white bread. Yum!


3. McDonald’s Japan: Gracoro Burger

Thought your basic fish burger was enough? Well clearly you've never been to Japan. At McDonald's, they offer the Gracoro Burger, which has a breadcrumb-crusted patty made out of macaroni, shrimp and a creamy white sauce. On the surface it sounds good, but I'm not sure it's the sort of food my body needs after a night on the tiles!


4. Dunkin’ Donuts China: Dried Pork and Seaweed Donut

Do you like pork? Yes. Do you like seaweed? Yes. Do you like donuts? Yes. Well then we've got the treat for you! Thanks to Dunkin’ Donuts China, we have the donut creation waiting to blow your mind. Now there's no need for you to make the epic decision between sweet or savoury food.


5. Wendy’s Japan: Premium Lobster & Caviar Burger

Fancy injecting a slice of luxury into your burgers? Well head over to Japan, where Wendy's made a premium lobster burger with caviar.


6. Wendy’s Japan: Foie Gras Burger

Another luxury treat from the brains at Wendy's Japan, the foie gras burger - a square burger topped with goose liver and truffles costs a mere $16. “We think the fast-food market here is ready for something different,” CEO Ernest Higa told Bloomberg in 2011. A little rich for my tastes...


7. Burger King Japan: Kuro Pearl Burger

People eat with their eyes, and I can't imagine many of them will want to try this Burger King monstrosity! Made with black cheese (dyed with bamboo charcoal) and a black bun, the onion-garlic sauce also contains a healthy dose of squid ink.


While I'm not sure that Burger King's Kuro Pearl Burger is my cup of tea, I'd quite happily sling a Premium Lobster & Caviar Burger from Wendy's down my neck. I've always said that one thing lacking from most fast food menus is a touch of class. Time to book my flights to Japan, and start my eye-opening journey into the world of crazy fast food. Wish me luck!