7 shocking and bizarre food phobias

7 shocking and bizarre food phobias

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Since, as Yoda so wisely informed us in 1999, fear is the path to the dark side, it seems sensible that we should try to avoid scary things at all costs. However, despite our best efforts, it’s abundantly clear that the world is out to get us at every opportunity.

For most people, terror come in fairly conventional forms. Zombies, global warming and wildly erratic American presidents are all good reasons to be afraid in the current climate. Yet, for all the very real dangers that surround us, there are some people who remain inexplicably petrified of seemingly benign things. These fears might seem illogical, but can affect everything from leaving the house to food and drink. Here is our collection of the world’s most shocking food focused phobias.

Fearful Eye Credit: ScienceAlert

1. Arachibutyrophobia

Given how many people are allergic to peanuts, you could be forgiven for giving them a wide berth. However, this weirdly specific phobia refers not to the nuts themselves, but to the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth. Anyone who suffers may seem more than a little nuts to the rest of us.

peanut butter jar Credit: Cooking Light

2. Acerophobia

While no one likes being surprised by an errant lemon, an outright refusal to go near anything sour at all might be a step too far. Nonetheless, any acerophobics in the room would feel that their fear of all sour foods is totally justified. They may have lost some of their zest for life.

lemons and limes Credit: Activefit

3. Lachanophobia

Every child has at some point spent several hours shunting unwanted greens around a plate in the hope that they might magically disappear. Anyone with lachanophobia, on the other hand, wouldn’t touch them with a barge pole, on account of their crippling fear of all vegetables. Wouldn’t we all have loved that excuse as a five-year-old.

plate of veg Credit: Love That Image

4. Mageirocophobia

None of us need much of an excuse to spend an evening dining out. For fearful mageirocophobics, however, this habit is more a necessity than a treat. Absolutely terrified of cooking, these unlucky diners are doomed to a lifetime spent washing up whilst everyone else makes a mess in the kitchen.

chicken into an oven Credit: Scary Mommy

5. Phagophobia

There are a few things that are considered indispensable aspects of eating. One of them is swallowing your food. Unfortunately, this unavoidable action makes every mealtime absolute torture for phagophobics. One swallow may not make a summer, but for anyone with this fear, one swallow is more than enough.

woman holding throat Credit: Southern Utah ENT

6. Deipnophobia

As someone who suffers from permanent social anxiety, the idea of awkward dinner party exchanges fills me with a sense of dread unmatched by almost anything else on earth. However, even I wouldn’t go so far as to say I’m so petrified of pre-dinner small talk that I’m a bona fide deipnophobe. Strangers may be scary, but I can always put up with them when there’s food on offer.

Dinner Party Credit: Bon Apetit

7. Geumophobia

For anyone who enjoys good food, it seems like a fate worse than death to suddenly develop a crippling fear of taste. This horror show is a reality that those unlucky souls with geumophobia have to put up with every single day. Whether or not they are tasteless in every aspect of life is unclear.

wine tasting Credit: Wowcher

Phobias are innately funny things. There’s no rhyme or reason to them and they can seemingly develop at random out of next to nothing. Though there are many considerably more common conditions, it’s important to remember that almost anything can be a source of fear. If nothing else, these seven serve to remind us that anything can be scary if you think about it in the wrong way.