Pizza on a chopping board

8 incredible pizza recipes guaranteed to make your mouth water

Whether you’re in the cobbled streets of Naples, the backroads of Brooklyn or sitting in your pants on the sofa at home, pizza has a special place in every foodie’s heart. When confronted with a boxful of springy dough, tangy tomato sauce and strings of mild mozzarella, it’s almost impossible to not feel a whole lot better about life.

Though the basic pizza blueprint is clearly delicious, there are heaps of other exciting things that can be done with bread, sauce and cheese. By taking inspiration from the traditions of the past, chefs have come up with a load of ways to capture the taste of pizza in a totally different form. Many of these twists are bound to annoy the world’s many pizza purists, but no one can deny that they’re all totally delicious. For a fresh take on everyone’s favourite comfort food, look no further than these eight mouthwatering recipes.

1. Pizza Bundt Ring

2. Meat Feast Pizza Pasta

3. Pizza Chicken Spiral Log

4. Pizza Taquitos

5. Mini Garlic Pizza Bread Cups

6. Pizza Churros

7. Pizza Crunch Wrap

8. Pizza Hasselback Potatoes

While many pizzerias would be seen dead before serving any one of these Italian inspired creations, it’s clear that the pizza tradition has much to offer enterprising chefs. Whether you’re out and about, ordering a delivery or settling in for an evening of cooking, take a second to think outside the box. You might well end up stumbling across a surprisingly tasty approach to pizza.

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