9 Completely Unnecessary Kitchen Gadgets You Actually Really Want

9 Completely Unnecessary Kitchen Gadgets You Actually Really Want

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Some kitchen accessories are absolute lifesavers. They shave precious minutes off cooking dinner, take the hassle out of baking, make prepping vegetables a breeze and can even complete monotonous cooking tasks on our behalf. From the humble tin opener (the portal to baked beans as I consider them), to the more showy stand mixer, there is no doubt that culinary accessories have a welcome place in the modern kitchen.

This being said, there are some gadgets out there that you would never know existed, until now. These pieces of kit are so niche you will find yourself asking how you ever got by without them... maybe.

1. An egg cuber... because those curved shells are such a hassle


2. Been stressing about sharpening those carrots? Fret no more


3. If sauce bottles are way too tame for you, there's this badass vessel


4. I know. Finally, we can cut bananas evenly


5. You use an oven instead of a 3-in-1 brownie, waffle and donut maker? Who do you think you are!? 


6. This perilous storage solution must surely be a no brainer (literally)


7. When the idea of a whole banana is just too much drama


8. Does spaghetti eating reduce you to tears? Self spiralling fork to the rescue!


9. What's that smell? It's just my natural zesty spritzer


If you've read this far I expect your online basket is full to the brim with the above essentials. If not, what are you waiting for? All of your culinary problems have been solved!