A woman's claim that French fries are better with ranch than ketchup has massively divided the internet

A woman's claim that French fries are better with ranch than ketchup has massively divided the internet

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Ketchup and ranch are two of the foodieverse’s great heavyweight competitors. Like Manchester United and Liverpool; Montague and Capulet; and Biggie and Tupac, the chances of these two fierce condiment factions ever becoming friends are incredibly slim. For some, the cooling, creamy kick of ranch blows the rest of the competition out of the water. For others, the fruity tang of ketchup can never be bettered. The battle between them is a dance as old as time. Small wonder that when someone claims to prefer one over the other, the internet kicks off.

Way back at the start of March, Twitter user @annamaciias_ innocently took to social media to add her two cents to the dressing debate. At 10:24 in the evening, she shared a video from another account, showing someone dipping their fries into a bowl of ranch, followed by the caption, “Im sorry but fries w ranch are WAY BETTER than fries w ketchup (sic)”. She could never have predicted what was to come.

At the time of writing, @annamaciias_’ tweet has been liked over 150,000 times and generated a whopping 58,000 shares, creating almost unheard of levels of ranch related interest and spawning an argument that has been raging around the world. In the weeks that have followed her original post, Twitter has taken the conversation to strange new areas and called into question everything we thought we knew about fry related etiquette. March has been a rollercoaster.

Many people were incredibly supportive of @annamaciias_ assertion. @AraldiMeghan declared she was “...not wrong at all. Anything with ranch is 10x better,” while @lauren_gros revealed, :Ok literally the only way I eat fries is with extra ranch.” @dogisntreal took things into strange and slightly worrying territory with his confession that “FACTS. Dipping Wingstop fries in their ranch is better than sex.” It was incredibly clear that @annamaciias_ was not the only one with a ranch obsession.

However, for every fan of the mayo-based dip, there was also a naysayer, who swore that ketchup was the only way to go. @playboisanti received over 400 likes for his carefully worded counterpoint, “you tripping,” and just as many again for his second riposte, “might be, but you’re wild if you choose ranch over ketchup to dip your fries in.” A second, slightly less sophisticated response sarcastically declared, "I also put dog vomit on my fries."

Despite being originally posted over a month ago, the conversation doesn’t show any signs of dying down. @annamaciias_’s tweet was also posted by Facebook page Petty Mayonnaise, where it has been seen an additional 20,000,000 views and nearly 300,000 shares at the time of writing. Some may say that, in times as fractious as these. the argument over ranch and ketchup is unimportant. To those people, I politely suggest checking the condiment shitstorm still blowing across social media. Clearly, these things matter more than you might think.