Aunt Bessie's release beers that taste like a Sunday roast and jam roly-poly

Aunt Bessie's release beers that taste like a Sunday roast and jam roly-poly

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If you're looking for the perfect beverage to celebrate Easter, then look no further - because Aunt Bessie, the mythical woman who has been putting my mom's yorkies and roasted spuds to shame since she lost her touch 15 years ago, has combined everything great about Sunday lunch and put it in a can.

That's right, Aunt Bessie's has teamed up with UK-based brewery Northern Monk to release two unique beers that taste of a Sunday roast and jam roly-poly pudding respectively.

This really is everybody's favourite things combined!

Making the announcement on Instagram, Northern Monk wrote:

"The afternoon of Easter Sunday is a time that many of us associate with sitting down to a roast dinner with our families. A lot of people will be unable to live that tradition today, so we’ve decided to bring it to you in a different format… through beer.

"We’ve been working behind-the-scenes with the Northern icon that is @auntbessiesofficial to develop the UK’s first two-course meal in beer form. Dinner and pudding - we’ve got it covered.

"For the main course, we’re bringing you a classic Sunday Dinner. A 5.7% Roast Dinner Brown Ale brewed with actual Aunt Bessie’s Yorkshire puds and roasties. Sure, we recognize that beer, roast potatoes, and Yorkshire puddings aren’t the most likely of combinations, but we’re not ones to shy away from a challenge. Also, if now isn’t the time to push the boundaries of what beer can be in order to bring a smile to people’s faces. When is? So... we added them to the mash tun. This beer is as hearty as they come.

Check out our recipe for an epic Giant Roast Dinner Yorkshire Pudding Burrito:

"For pudding, it’s Jam Roly Poly. A 5% Jam and Custard Pale Ale brewed using the familiar fruits of the Aunt Bessie’s frozen favourite. Plum, apricot, and strawberry are classically tied together with custard to round off the meal.

"If you’re craving a bit of comfort this Sunday, these are the cans for you. Available on our webshop now as a two-course dinner set or as individual cans."

The beers can be purchased from the Northern Monk website (CLICK HERE), with two-course Sunday Dinner pack will set you back £6 (a bargain compared to my local pub roast), or you can purchase individual cans for £3.50 each.

Happy Easter!