Baskin Robbins are delivering "ice cream pizzas" to your door

Baskin Robbins are delivering "ice cream pizzas" to your door

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When you spend 90 percent of your week looking at the same four walls, it’s important to give yourself something worth anticipating for dinner. If you want to make it through lockdown both healthy and relatively sane, it’s vital that you supplement the monotony of midweek traybakes with an occasional calorie explosion. This, fortunately, is where one of the world’s biggest ice cream brands comes in. 

Not content to sit back and have their summer ruined by a pesky pandemic, the ice cream creatives at Bakin Robbins have launched an all-out frozen offensive, offering something delicious, unusual, and entirely outrageous for home delivery. Alongside their traditional selection of scoops and sundaes, BR is providing customers with customisable “Polar Pizzas” - made from a cookie base and layered with ice cream. It is just as bananas as it sounds. 

Though the Polar Pizzas themselves have actually been part of the Baskin Robbins family for some time, the brand recently partnered with delivery experts DoorDash, making it easier than ever to get your fill without fear of breaking curfew. 

Excitingly for sweet-toothed pizza fans, the dish can be tailored to your preference, making it easier than ever to create whatever madcap, cookie-lined frozen treat pops into your head. But, if you feel a little nervous about taking total creative responsibility, there are some seriously tasty blueprints to choose from. 

Watch the recipe for our amazing Ice Cream Poke Cake:

For instance, the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Polar Pizza features a chocolate chip cookie dough crust with vanilla ice cream, cookie dough bites, and sprinkles, while The Oreo Cookies & Cream pizza combines cookies & cream ice cream, Oreo chunks, and chocolate drizzle, all atop a double chocolate chip cookie base. Other options include Mint Chocolate Chip, Almond Fudge and Heath, Peanut Butter-Chocolate, and a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup.

Just how well ice cream works when it looks like an overstuffed Dominos is a matter for debate. What is indisputable, however, is that in these troubled times, we all deserve a slice of something this insane. We’ll see you in the queue.