Burger King launches halloumi burger and it looks incredible

Burger King launches halloumi burger and it looks incredible

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Happy Monday cheese lovers! It may be the beginning of another long working week, but we have good news to put a gouda spin on your day.

Praise Cheezus, because Burger King is finally bringing its halloumi burger to the UK!

Yes, that's right - that delicious salty Cyprus delicacy you know and love can be found on the menu from today (July 8).

Credit: Burger King

The new burger is served in a brioche bun with lettuce, onions, tomatoes, and has a blob of creamy mayo to finish it off.

Veggies, along with followers of Cheezus, can opt for one slice of halloumi in a single burger for £3.99 (or £5.99 in a meal), or double halloumi burger for £5.49 (or £7.49 in a meal).

Check out these mouthwatering halloumi nuggets:

The announcement follows a trial of the burger in Sweden. In August 2018, it was announced that the no-meat Halloumi King would be available in the Scandinavian Nordic country, spurring the UK public to hit social media and beg for it to come to them.

Credit: Burger King

Thankfully, the cheese gods listened and Burger King is amongst the first fast-food restaurants out there to offer halloumi burgers.

In a statement, the American company named their new product the "taste and sound of Summer 2019," writing:

"Halloumi lovers across the UK rejoice and mark your calendars - the 8th of July will see Burger King launch the highly-anticipated Halloumi Burger nationwide. Made with crispy and delicious halloumi cheese from Cyprus, the Halloumi Burger will have lovers of this Cypriot delicacy filled with excitement.

"With the UK now earmarked as the biggest importer of Halloumi, chowing down on over 2,000 tonnes of the Cypriot delicacy per year, the demand for Halloumi has reached fever pitch and Burger King have listened."

Credit: Burger King

They added:

"Bringing halloumi to the masses, Burger King are excited to be amongst the first quick service restaurant to offer halloumi burgers to the highstreets, stations and airports, all at an accessible price!

"Avoid the FOMO and take a trip down to your local Burger King UK restaurant and let Burger King provide you with the taste and sound of Summer 2019."

There's today's lunch sorted then. And tomorrow. And the next day...

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