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You Can Now Get Lucky Charms With Only The Marshmallows, What Are You Still Doing Here?

You Can Now Get Lucky Charms With Only The Marshmallows, What Are You Still Doing Here?

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What cereal do you eat in the morning? Personally, my breakfast of choice (other than a greasy bacon sandwich) is a large bowl of Rice Crispies with gallons of milk sploshed over the top. However, it's worth noting that I do have a soft spot for those delicious little Lucky Charms.

A friend of mine, who prefers to stay anonymous, will only eat the marshmallows from Lucky Charms. In short, he spends hours and hours painstakingly hunting through the box to make sure that he gets all the gooey little nuggets.


Well it seems like my friend might be in luck, because Amazon have changed the game forever with a recent revelation. Want to know the good news? You can now buy a bag of dehydrated marshmallows from the online retailer for the reasonable sum of $10.

Amazing as a topping for a dessert, or just if you fancy a sugary snack to perk you up, Lucky Charms marshmallows may well be the best food ever invented in the world ever.


Makers General Mills allowed a limited-edition release of marshmallow-only boxes, after coming under intense pressure from fans who wanted to enjoy all the goodness of the sweet treats without the cereal part. You know what those little marshmallows would go really well with? This incredible slow cooker chocolate lava cake that we made. I mean, it's next level stuff.

I can't think of anything better than slinging a big plate of this chocolate lava cake down my gullet, laced with a big pile of those marshmallow bits.

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