Choco Dipped Ice Cream Sandwiches

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  1. Spoon your ice cream into a baking paper lined tray and smooth flat. Place in the freezer and leave to set until hard.
  2. Add your flour, baking soda, salt, vanilla, butter, egg, brown sugar and sugar to a mixing bowl and stir until fully combined.
  3. To your mix add 1 cup of choc chips and using your hands form the mix into a ball.
  4. Remove ball of cookie dough from bowl and add to another lined baking tray, similar sized to the one used for the ice cream, and flatten.
  5. Bake cookie dough for 15 minutes at 160°C/320°F. Then leave to cool completely.
  6. When the cookie dough is cool and the ice cream is set then slice both into equal size pieces and layer your sandwich.
  7. In a small bowl melt 2 cups of chocolate and add your puffed rice, stirring thoroughly.
  8. Dip one end of the sandwich in your chocolate mix and then pop it in the freezer for 15 minutes/ until the chocolate has hardened.
  9. Now you have yourself a tasty chocolate ice cream cookie sandwich. Delicious!