Costco is selling 2-pound 'cheese flights' and they're perfect for wine nights

Costco is selling 2-pound 'cheese flights' and they're perfect for wine nights

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I think we can all agree that cheese is one of the most pleasant snack foods in existence. It tastes amazing on bread, pizza, pasta and salads - either solid or spreadable - and even eaten on its own it's no less delightful.

There's considerable diversity when it comes to everyone's favourite dairy product, meaning that there's at least one form of it that caters to even the pickiest of tastebuds.

Yep, there's absolutely no denying we're a world of cheese lovers and cheese connoisseurs - which is why we're all getting a little too excited for Costco's new two-pound 'cheese flights'.

If you're the slightest bit interested in getting a taste of what I can only assume must be 'cheese heaven', here are the five selections on offer: Monteau alpine, Cabot clothbound cheddar, red-wine-soaked goat, 12-month-aged manchego, and duon herb hand-rubbed fontina. For $19.99, you can enjoy 1.8 pounds of the cheeses available.

Oh, and if you're wondering exactly which wines to pair with each cheese, well, the packaging has you covered (no pun intended.)

Pinot noir goes with Monteau alpine, Malbec with Cabot clothbound cheddar, Tempranillo with the red-wine-soaked goat, Rioja with the 12-month-aged manchego, and Chablis with the duon herb hand-rubbed fontina - it's basically science.

Needless to say, cheese enthusiasts wasted no time in raving about the bulk retailer's new cheese flights.

"This was so perfect for a girls night!" one fan wrote. "We cut out the name at the top and placed them in the cheese as a name card for each wedge. All were delicious (no leftovers.)"

"I need to get my Costco membership back! Hide or report this," mused another.

"Can we use this as an excuse to have a lazy BYOW (bring your own wine) yoga pants party?" a third wrote.

Are you a big enough cheese fanatic that you'd be willing to spend $19.99 in order to quench your craving for it?

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