'Dalgona Martinis' are the new boozy upgrade of whipped coffee

'Dalgona Martinis' are the new boozy upgrade of whipped coffee

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Whipping coffee has been the kitchen trend of lockdown 2k20. Forget sourdough and slow cookers, anyone who’s anyone in the weird and wacky world of foodstagram has spent time blitzing their cup of morning joe into frothy peaks. It might look a little OTT, but if likes are what you’re after, you need to whip out the whisk. 

Naturally, now that we’ve all had several weeks-worth of coffee blending experiments, some of us are starting to get a bit bored. As is often the case when inspiration is needed, a few have turned to the liquor cabinet. The results have been predictably gram-tastic. 

Dubbed the “Dalgona Martini”, the new drink is the ultimate boozy upgrade on what was already a delicious treat. Though there are dozens of recipes dotted across the internet, almost all of them feature a spirit such as whisky, vodka or tequila, blended with the usual mixture of sugar, instant coffee and water to create a seriously decadent version of the alcohol-free original. 

Why not try our Baileys Tiramisu Martini recipe:

One recipe recently published on Instagram by the food and drink hub “Yolo” features a rich blend of liqueurs and has proved extremely popular on social media. As the instructions state, cooks should:

“In a cocktail shaker add 12.5ml vanilla vodka, 12.5ml Amaretto, 12.5ml Cacao Brun, 12.5ml Kalhua, 25ml milk, shake and double strain into a coupe glass.

“In a separate vessel (add) 2x bar spoon of Espresso, 2x bar spoon of demerara sugar, whisk until thick and velvety.”

The results are as gorgeous to drink as they are to look at.

As with many things in lockdown, it can be easy to let your evening drink drift into something entirely unremarkable. At least with the frothy frivolity delivered by the Dalgona Martini, you can guarantee that your tipple won’t be boring.