"Dude Food" Is Going In The Dictionary, Men Everywhere Rejoice

"Dude Food" Is Going In The Dictionary, Men Everywhere Rejoice

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It's a momentous day, ladies and gents. Well maybe just for the gents... The compound word "dude food" is being inducted into the Collins English Dictionary, and greedy male lexicographers everywhere are getting very, very excited.

Named as one of Collins' words of the year for 2016, dude food is defined as junk food such as hot dogs, burgers and the like considered particularly appealing to men. I don't know about you guys, but my life (and Instagram) revolves solely around getting as much of this hallowed dude food in my belly as possible. If I'm not double-tapping a buttermilk chicken burger on Insta, I'm standing in line for a decadent poutine platter likely to take years off my life.

As a wonderful homage to the dude food revolution, we at Twisted have scoured Instagram for #dudefood and here are some of some of the world's best efforts.

1. Burgers are a man's best friend

Introducing 'Ya Mum' from @zepickle, and boy is she one fine lady! Juicy medium-rare beef pattie, Ze chips with IPA beer cheeze sauce, smoked maple bacon and spring onions, jack cheese, ZP sauce and a good ol pickle. #zepickle #zepicklebrisbane

A photo posted by Bianca Balharry - Food Blogger (@bianca_eats) on Oct 31, 2016 at 2:00am PDT

2. Steak and nachos are perfect companions

Our nachos have never looked so good with chilli dexter steak and real Mexican nachos #dudefood #googiesartcafe #newheadchefrocks

A photo posted by @googieman70 on Oct 28, 2016 at 6:46am PDT

3. Why use bread when you have waffles?!

Waffle Burgers have arrived! 3 layers of crunchy sweet waffles, filled with pulled pork, coleslaw, liquid cheese, bacon, cheddar cheese and giant pickles. These will be on the menu from tomorrow morning, all day and night. If you want something that tastes just as good with a coffee, milkshake or beer.....this is it!

A photo posted by That Little Place (@thatlittleplace) on Oct 27, 2016 at 10:18pm PDT

4. Wagyu very much

Humpday makes people hungry . ??? *modified burger* 'DUDEBURGER CHEESEYMAN' ??? 2 x 100g grass fed pure wagyu beef patties 2 x 2 cheeses Brie cheese Sliced mac'n'cheese croquette Lettuce Ketchup Mustard Mayo #melbourne #melbourneburgers #melbourneeats #melbournecafes #burgers #cheeseburgers #hamburgers #burgersandfries #americanfood #yougottoeatthis #instafood #instagood #eatfamous #dudefood #bestfoodworld #cheese #macncheese #cheeseporn #burgerista #eeeeeats #foodstagram #foodies #igers #eatitordiet #melbournefood #humpday

A photo posted by Major Tom's A Burger Junkie (@majortomsaburgerjunkie) on Oct 26, 2016 at 12:35am PDT

5. Roll in the hay with a lobster

Lobster roll with fries paired with a fine corona

A photo posted by @nyceatsdudes on Oct 24, 2016 at 8:11pm PDT

6. Ain't no thing

Great steaks seem to be a RARE encounter but @san_telmo_ nails it on the head every single time ?

A photo posted by Melbourne Food (@theycallmemaggie_) on Oct 19, 2016 at 2:50am PDT

7. Honorary dude

#cleaneating • • • #food #foodporn #dudefood #foodie #foodgasm #kfc #friedchicken #burger #cheatday

A photo posted by Libby Alcock (@libbyalcock) on Oct 3, 2016 at 8:58am PDT

8. Parm me up!

?✨TONIGHT – TONIGHT – TONIGHT! ✨? . Unsure of what to cook for dinner? Don’t stress! Let us cook for you! Enjoy a DELICIOUS Parma for just $4.90* served with chips! ?????????? . BUT! You must book your table! Simply phone 98747777 NOW before ALL tables are fully booked! ????☎️ Then, you can ENJOY a JUICY $4.90* PARMA between 5.30- 9pm at The Manhattan Hotel! Don’t miss out this week on the GREATEST PARMA DEAL IN THE EAST!!! Join us TONIGHT at the Manhattan Hotel, Ringwood!! . Ok what’s the catch I hear you ask?? What’s the * all about?? To receive this sensational deal all you need to do is purchase a drink, any drink including soft drink from the bar to receive this mind blowing price point, that’s it, no catches, no gimmicks, no schnit!!!! So, if you’re one of the very few people in Melbourne who hasn’t got their free VIP MEMBERSHIP yet the time is now PARMA LOVERS!!!! CLICK HERE >> http://mgl.io/26q0y CLICK HERE >> http://mgl.io/26q0y CLICK HERE >> http://mgl.io/26q0y To register for your FREE VIP MEMBERSHIP ensuring you get this INCREDIBLE price point TONIGHT from 5.30-9PM!!! So, round up your mates, tag your friends, SMS, EMAIL, TWEET them but whatever you do don’t miss out on this all new INCREDIBLE Parma Tuesday’s at The Manhattan Hotel!! Secure your tables NOW parma lovers before its too late! Simply phone 98747777!! Don’t miss out!! PLUS! PLUS! PLUS! . After you enjoy our mouth watering Parma's it's time to challenge your mind with our ALL NEW TRIVIA TUESDAYS from 8-10pm!! Loads of PRIZES & GIVEAWAYS to be won including VENUE VOUCHERS, JUGS OF BEER & a BOTTLE OF WINE*!! To register your team simply talk to our QUIZ MEISTERS host tonight at The Manhattan Hotel! . See you all TONIGHT night from 5.30pm!! ( Pic is for illustration purposes only ) Manhattan Hotel CNR Heatherdale & Canterbury Roads Ringwood, VIC . #parma #chickenparma #chicken #chickenbreast #food #dudefood #heartyfood #wholesome #delicious #fresh #chickenparmigiana #parmigiana #foodspecials #events #greatdeals #foodisfuel #fuel #cheese #ham #crumbedchicken #dudefood #cheesey #perfectcombo #australianfoods #aussie #schnitzels

A photo posted by Manhattan Parmas (@manhattanparmas) on Oct 3, 2016 at 4:04pm PDT

9. Dude food ain't dude food without a nice cold beer

#corona #nachos #cheese #foodporn #food #homecooked #dudefood #beer #snack #picoftheday

A photo posted by Martijn (@martijnderoos) on Sep 25, 2016 at 9:30am PDT

10. Fancy a pizza this?

For just a tenner you can grab this here Cheesy Chicken pizza with roasted free-range chicken & capsicum on a pumpkin base. Actually, you can grab any pizza on our menu for a mere $10, all day. Because that's how we roll on Tuesday's. #pizza #pizzaporn #foodporn #foodgasm #comfortfood #dudefood #brisbanefood #cheatmeal #beerfood #eatlocal #drinklocal

A photo posted by Brewski (@brewskibar) on Sep 19, 2016 at 10:50pm PDT

11. Slide on over here!

Get a load of that cheesy slider ?? #Cheese #Sausage #Slider #Bread #Roll #Bake #Cheesepull #Bite #Hungry #Yum #Glazed

A photo posted by Twisted Food (@twisted_food) on Oct 27, 2016 at 5:34am PDT

I'm just glad that the dude food revolution is finally getting the worldwide recognition it deserves. From the street sellers to the landed gentry, it's clear that juicy burgers, slammin' dogs and filthy nachos are the order of the day. Oh yeah, and next time you open a dictionary, make sure you give its newest recruit a little facetime - it's the least you can do after dude food gave you all this.