Forget a full-English - this Mexican tradition is the world's greatest hangover cure

Forget a full-English - this Mexican tradition is the world's greatest hangover cure

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A hangover cure is like a chat up line - everyone has their favourite and very few actually work. Some people swear by a Bloody Mary, whilst others can only cope with mountains of bacon. As with many things, however, often the old ways are still the best. Step forward the greatest hangover cure you’ve never heard of - the Mexican parajete.

The parajete pools all perceived hangover wisdom into one big pot. Hair of the dog and coffee combine in a unilateral approach to blasting away morning cobwebs. Borrowing from both White Russians and chocolate milk, the only thing missing is a hunk of meat for all bases to be covered.

The key ingredient in this rudimentary recipe is raw cow’s milk. Delivered fresh from the udder, this creamy concoction is known colloquially as “leche bronca”. Nutritionally rich and notoriously frothy, leche bronca is what helps set parajete way above all other milk-based hangover cures.

man milking a cow Credit: Pixabay/MasimbaTinasheMadondo

The parajete has been explicitly designed to combat snoozy mornings. The drink is typically only available after cows have been first milked, between 6 and 10 AM. Taking its name from the Spanish “parajo”, meaning bird, parajete drinkers truly embody the phrase “the early bird catches the worm.”

The perfect parajete sees leche bronca paired with a cast of able supporting players. First added to the raw milk is the chocomil - chocolate powder that is considered a breakfast staple by many Mexicans. Cane alcohol, sugar and coffee grounds complete a sweet morning treat that packs a punch. Hangover: cured.

Though the recipe may sound simple, parajete’s cannot be prepared by anyone. The key, according to experts, is the leche bronca. Without it, the drink is distinctly average. Parajete disciple Pau Cervantes sums it up best, stating that, “The more foam it gets, the tastier it is. The only way to get that consistency is through recently milked milk.” Would-be converts would do well to heed his advice.

In the state of Jalisco, where the drink originates, parajete is much more than a mere hangover fix. Locals swear by its restorative powers and claim that can cure migraines and anemia. So protein-packed is it that farm workers are often able to work an entire day after just one glass. Clearly, this miracle drink is something we could all do with.

It’s not just the contents that make parajete such an effective remedy for heavy nights. In Mexico, it’s all about the experience. Parajete is a communal drink, designed to be shared as a group in an early morning fog of bleary-eyed sleepiness. Aside from the impracticality of keeping your own cow, it’s this convivial spirit that makes personal parajete preparation a far cry from the real thing.

It might be a while before we’re all able to see for ourselves whether parajetes are as miraculous as they appear. Not commercially available thanks to the dangers associated with drinking raw milk, anyone outside Mexico will have to make do with the own disputable remedies. At least those waking up with a throbbing head in Jalisco are safe in the knowledge that, once they find a cow, their problems will be over.