Grilling Steak On Lava Is The Manliest Thing You're Going To See Today

Grilling Steak On Lava Is The Manliest Thing You're Going To See Today

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There's nothing quite manlier than sitting down with a bib tucked into your collar and a deadly knife in your hand ready to cut into a nice juicy steak. Even I feel the testosterone running through my veins as I bite into the piece of meat - and I'm as girly as they come. Still, you can't deny that drinking a glass of scotch with your heaped plate of potatoes and a slab of steak is probably the manliest thing you can do. Well, at least it used to be.


Introducing the LAVA-CUE. What says "I am a man, hear my roar" more than cooking your steak on blazing hot lava? Mmm... nothing. Grilling is now something for total sissies.

If you're really a man then you better throw your grill cover on for good because grilling your steak with lava is the new very hot trend. British designer duo Bompas & Parr, who designed the world’s first edible fireworks, traveled to Syracuse University in New York to try out their idea for the world’s most extreme barbecue session - grilling meat over lava at a temperature of 2,100 degrees.


If anyone lives near a volcano and has any lava going then let me know. I'm dying to try this out. For those of us who are forced to eat steak the dainty way, we'll just have to prove our manliness some other way -like fishing with our bare hands or chopping down a tree.