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Here's everything Halle Berry eats in a single day to stay in such incredible shape

Here's everything Halle Berry eats in a single day to stay in such incredible shape

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Halle Berry is 52 years old, but she doesn't look it. But it's not worth getting down on yourself too hard for not looking the same, after all she is a celebrity. That means she has no worries about money, no time wasted on the morning and evening commute to and from work, and has the dollar to spend on personal trainers and personal chefs to make her diet as streamlined as possible.

But what exactly does she eat?

The actress has been open about following the keto diet in the past, and frequently shares stories about the food she eats and her exercise regime on Instagram, but now, Peter Lee Thomas, her personal trainer, has come forward with all the details. Thomas recently spoke to Hollywood Life, where he revealed all that she eats in a day.

First of all, she doesn't eat anything for breakfast - instead having a large glass of water (about 8-12 oz) with a squeeze of lemon. Before you all run away at the prospect of no breakfast, let's check out the rest of her routine. Before her workout, she takes amino acids to help her build muscle.

"Essentially it is the actual amino acids that build muscle, not the actual food source, because the food first needs to be converted into amino acids to create the muscle," Thomas said. "If you imagine your body as a freeway system, these amino acids go straight onto the freeway. It's the quickest way possible for your body to get these nutrients because nothing has to be digested."

After this, she has a coffee, with one or two tablespoons of MCT oil. This oil (medium chain triglycerides) can be found in coconoil oil, Ghee, and certain types of butter. Adding oil or butter to your coffee is known as a 'bulletproof coffee' - with some in the health industry saying it speeds up fat-burning and others saying it just adds calories.

Following this, she sometimes takes a pre-workout supplement, usually 'Can't Beet This' - which is made from beetroots and contains natural caffeine. After her workout, she has her first real meal of the day - basically brunch. Berry has a nutrient-dense meal to recover, usually steak or chicken with dark leafy greens like spinach or kale, and often two or three eggs.

Over the course of the day, she snacks on various fruits and vegetables. "She always has lots of cut up veggies around and it's great because the kids like to snack on that too," said Thomas. "She likes blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries, those are all good on the ketogenic plan."

Aside from her love of snacking on organic vegetables and fruits, she also drinks bone broth whenever she feels like it in the day - sometimes even in bed. "A lot of the times you can go to a butcher shop and they will literally give you free beef bones and buffalo bones and chicken bones, because they just don't want them and they'll give them to you for free and with that you can make a really nice bone broth," Thomas said.

Then, for dinner, her chef (Cristina Shabatian) makes her a lamb stew. "She really likes lamb so she'll often have a lamb chop or her chef will make her a really nice ketogenic stew, that will have a lot of cauliflower and broccoli and other vegetables that are filling and some sort of lean grass-fed protein in it," her personal trainer added.

For her final meal of the day, she will sometimes alternate this with 'zoodles' (zucchini noodles) with pesto and pine nuts. Otherwise she'll instead have a ketogenic chilli con carne - which is basically chilli without the beans (sorry to all the veggies out there).

While this clearly works for Berry - it's not possible for everyone. And even if you can pull it off, it's worth mentioning that different people can respond to diets in different ways, so no rigid routine will work for all people in the same way.

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