"Hero" McDonald's worker goes viral after admitting he put extra nuggets in everyone's meals for years

"Hero" McDonald's worker goes viral after admitting he put extra nuggets in everyone's meals for years

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Good deeds come in a variety of different forms. They can be significantly life-changing, or as comparatively minor - but gratifying nonetheless - as receiving an extra McNugget at McDonald's.

Speaking of the latter, a former employee at the fast-food chain went viral after revealing that he did just that - put 11 McNuggets in every 10-piece box.

For over two years, Cody Bondarchuk, from Alberta in Canada, would treat customers to an extra chicken nugget - purely out of the goodness of his heart.

"I worked at McDonald’s for two-and-a-half-years and I put 11 nuggets in almost every 10-piece I made," he revealed on Twitter.

Keeping the good deed under wraps, it appears he received nothing in return for it.

In fact, when a Twitter user asked Cody if any of the customers noticed and thanked the former McDonald's worker for the additional nugget, he replied: "The location was mostly drive-thru so not that I can remember, but I’d like to imagine they went home, saw the extra nug, and smiled a little."

He also calculated that he must owe the fast-food giant around $1,600.

Soon after making the revelation, Cody was practically inundated with tweets praising him, some even hailing him a "hero" for the deed.

"Not all heroes wear capes, just name tags," one person wrote.

"You are an everyday hero," added another. "It’s these little things that can give people a lift!"

"There is literally nothing better than an extra McNugget," a third said.

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Other Twitter users shared their own good deeds while working in customer service.

"I worked at a donut shop, and at the end of each day we had to throw out old donuts. so i gave all the old donuts to the local homeless people for free instead of feeding the dumpster. Solidarity," one person recalled.

"I worked at mcdonalds for only 1 year but with every uber order id put in extra nuggets/ a sundae/ upsize their fries and write a note on a napkin :•) its what got me thru serving shitty customers," another chimed in.

"When I worked there a homeless man who came in often," a third shared. "My managers wouldn’t give him free food. The 1st time I saw him, I bought his food. After that, I brought an extra lunch every day, so he could keep his $. He was the reason I worked there so long. I needed to ensure he ate."

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