KFC has made a 'Double Down' sandwich stuffed with a mozzarella patty

KFC has made a 'Double Down' sandwich stuffed with a mozzarella patty

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The world is not short of decadent fast food options. Between stuffed crust pizzas and Grand Big Macs, there is a smorgasbord of massive meals out there waiting to make even the hungriest diner feel slightly sick. But, when it comes to toeing the line between awesome and obscene, the KFC Double Down is the deep-fried king of the hill. 

Originally, the wildly popular cult sandwich was actually built around a fairly simple premise. Instead of burger buns, the dish used two fried chicken fillets to sandwich a filling of cheese, bacon and sauce. It threw out the concept of balance and whole-heartedly embraced delicious crispy excess. For a while, it looked like the logical endpoint of OTT fast food. Now, however, the fried chicken specialists seem to have taken things one step further. 

Check out the commercial for the new 'Double Down':

Courtesy of the crazed creative team at KFC Singapore, the chain recently unveiled an all-new take on the overindulgent Double Down. Dubbed the “Mozzarella Zinger Double Down”, this new monster features the same chicken breast buns, but ups the ante even more by stuffing a deep-fried crispy mozzarella patty between the two. 

Described on the KFC Singapore website as a “Mozzarella patty with tomato basil sauce, sandwiched between two slices of glorious Zinger Fillet,” this new Franken-food is proof that there’s always another level of excess. To make things even more exciting for Southeast Asian KFC fans, the sandwich isn’t the only awesome thing that’s been added to the menu. 

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As per Chewboom, the chain has also released new “Sour Cream & Onion Fries”, served with an “onion sprinkle” packet and a sour cream and onion dipping sauce. With both items apparently only available for a limit time, there’s never been a better excuse to take your taste buds to the limit. 

Obviously, news that the cheesy chicken treat is only currently available in Singapore will be a massive disappointment to many disaffected KFC fans. Nonetheless, the fact that it’s been released at all should give everyone hope that there are more mad Double Down variants on the horizon. We’ll keep our fingers crossed.