Lindt is set to launch its first ever Christmas chocolate tin

Lindt is set to launch its first ever Christmas chocolate tin

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Apart from fights with racist family members, deciding which chocolate box deserves prime spot in a post-Christmas lunch living room is perhaps the most fractious part of the festivities. Even the most diplomatic families have strong opinions when it comes to sweet treats. Some things you just cannot compromise on. 

Fortunately for everyone who’s sick of the inevitable Celebrations/Quality Street conflict, Christmas 2020 will see the arrival of a new delicious kid on the block. Finally, we can all look forward to agreeing on something, thanks to the news that everyone’s favourite chocolatier is set to tear up the chocolate box market. 

Credit: Lindt

New for this year, Swiss specialists Lindt will be unleashing a brand new Christmas tin selection, complete with no less than six separate Lindt truffle flavours. The festive box, which will be the first of its kind, offers up direct competition to the season’s heavy hitters and is bound to make a serious impact. 

Each box will come packed with 32 individually wrapped Lindt truffles, featuring several fan favourite flavours, as well as new additions to the line-up. 

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Included are classic milk, white or extra dark as well as a milk and white chocolate blend, hazelnut creme, and the brand’s exciting new salted caramel flavour. Whatever you’re preference, there’s something for everyone in every tin.

Of course, this is hardly the first time that Lindt has offered up a tempting selection to fans. Currently available on Amazon, for instance, is a sizeable 600g box - although this only provides four flavours of chocolate. 

However, what’s really exciting about the new release is its timing. For anyone who’s been dreading yet another tin of Bounties and mini Maltesers, the fact that chocolate truffles will be on the Christmas menu will be a welcome relief.