This Lucky Guy Got To Eat The World's Most Expensive Burger, And It Looks Incredible

This Lucky Guy Got To Eat The World's Most Expensive Burger, And It Looks Incredible

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As a self-styled connoisseur of the humble burger, I like to think I could tell an overpriced chain offering from a truly artisan piece of meaty artistry. Put an expensive burger in front of me, and I'm immediately expecting something pretty damn special. For starters, the toppings game better be strong, and I'm looking for a juicy beef patty worthy of a Russian oligarch.

On that note, one man was lucky enough to review the world's most expensive hamburger, and all the decadent toppings that cavort underneath the bun. YouTube personality Furious Pete travelled to London in order to get his lips around the Rolls Royce of the burger world - and he was not disappointed.


Costing a whopping $2,000, the burger is everything that's wrong with the world of expensive cuisine. Would that stop me eating the bad boy? Absolutely not! For your reading pleasure, here are the costly ingredients that make up the GlamBurger.

The $2,000 (£1,237) GlamBurger consists of:

- Kobe Beef
- Caviar
- Canadian Lobster
- Maple Syrup with Bacon
- Italian White Truffle
- Gold Covered Smoked Duck Egg
- Gold Covered Bun
- Saffron Sauces

I think now it's high time to watch Furious Pete tackle the monster, and see how it all goes together in the kitchen. I can assure you that you'll never have seen a burger like this before...

From Honky Tonk in Chelsea, the burger is the epitome of wealthy west London. Over-the-top, needlessly pricey, but with an air of sophistication - this is Chelsea in food form. Furious Pete might not have described it as the most delicious burger he has ever thrown down his gullet, but even he admitted that the expensive flavors on offer sure were tasty.

However, perhaps there's no call for a burger this expensive, as the restaurant has now shut down...