How To Make Eggs That Are Both Fried And Scrambled Because... Why Choose?

How To Make Eggs That Are Both Fried And Scrambled Because... Why Choose?

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Fried or scrambled? It's an eternal debate that has been raging between egg lovers for years, and something I'm sure has been a major factor in more than one relationship breakdown.

Egg heads, rejoice, because there's a new food trend in town that means you will no longer have to choose between your two favourite eggy cooking methods. So what do you get when you combine frying with a scramble? Ladies and gentleman, I give you: the framble.

The genius of frambling means you get the oozy yolk of a fried egg, combined with the fluffiness of a scrambled egg. It's pretty much the best thing since sliced bread. Which, coincidentally, is the perfect thing to eat your framble on. Well, apart from Galettes Bretonnes au Sarrasin, of course.

If you're desperate to try the framble for yourself, head over to the next page to learn how to do it for yourself. Only then will you discover the true bliss that comes from this new eggy compromise.


In order to make a framble for yourself, first you need to melt butter or warm olive oil in a skillet over a medium-low heat. Break the eggs gently into the pan, one at a time. Using a spatula, break the yolks lightly and stir the whites around. Add seasoning, and stir slowly again until you see the yolks begin to set.

Not sold on the framble? Have no fear, because the video below shows something even more incredible you can do with eggs. If you like carbs, eggs, and meat, this meal is basically your dream come true.

Yes, that's right, you can bake your eggs into a massive loaf of bread. Because the only thing better than eggs, is eggs baked into a load of carbs.