McDonald's is giving away free bacon rolls tomorrow

McDonald's is giving away free bacon rolls tomorrow

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The only possible way to make bacon any better is if you can find it for free. Fortunately for everyone who appreciates the salty joy of a crisp rasher, one of the biggest names in global fast food is offering its customers exactly that. 

As part of a new promotion, speedy dining titans McDonald’s are providing free bacon rolls with every purchase of a hot drink from their McCafe menu across the UK. While it’s not quite as simple as rolling up and helping yourself to all the bacon you can carry, it certainly beats what else is on offer on a typical Tuesday morning. 

Credit: McDonald's

As ever with a giveaway that sounds this tempting, there are a few stipulations. For starters, anyone looking to claim a sandwich will have to first download the McDonald’s app, via either Google Play or The App Store. 

As per The Sun, customers will then have to head to the “Deals” section of the app, where the option for the free bacon roll will appear alongside the drinks. After selecting your preferred drink and then checking out as normal, the bacon roll will be knocked off your bill. 

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Ordinarily, subject to location, a standard McDonald’s bacon roll will set you back about £2.99. Given that the McCafe menu starts as low as £0.79 for a single espresso, this promotion allows you to save over £2, as well as enjoy something genuinely delicious for your breakfast. 

However, because the offer includes anything on the McCafe menu, you can easily take breakfast to the next level with one of the chain’s more glamorous options, like Millionaire’s Latte, or a cup of tea. It’s never been easier to bling up bacon. 

The offer will be available across almost all of the UK, with just 28 of the brand’s restaurants not taking part. It might be the middle of January, but here’s hoping that all the added bacon helps put the whole country in a better mood.