McDonald’s Have Just Made Some McMassive Changes To Their Menu



McDonald’s Have Just Made Some McMassive Changes To Their Menu

McDonald’s, the junk food heavyweights, were founded over six decades ago and we’re still lovin’ it today. Last year, there were reportedly 36,525 restaurants worldwide. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s easy for the Golden Arches to remain in the number one spot of global fast-food chains. In contrast, they have to constantly compete to stay in the gold medal position.

So, how do they do this? Well, they have to listen to their consumers and stay up to date with societal trends. McDonald’s have been listening to their valued customers more and more, and now they are making a massive overhaul to their menu – and it’s going to affect a whole heap of your much-adored favourites.


Over the last few years, the world seems to be hooked on health and steering away from artificial ingredients. Let’s face it, fried food and toned stomachs don’t exactly go hand in hand, but they are trying to bridge that gap.

McDonald’s are pulling a Taylor Swift and are trying to shake it off their image of only selling extremely processed (and extremely delicious) junk food. Their latest planned changes are helping them to step in this direction and they will affect roughly half of the menu. Yes, including our beloved McNuggets.


The question is: what will these alterations be?

In short, McDonald’s are removing most of the unpalatable ingredients from their menu. To do this, they are eliminating artificial preservatives and ridding their burger buns of high-fructose corn syrup, replacing it with butter instead. In terms of what specific preservatives will be removed, unfortunately this is unknown. The folk over at Maccy’s HQ have merely stated that “some” will be kicked to the (drive-thru) curb.

According to the chain’s website, it serves more than 3.8 million people per day on average in the UK alone. Therefore, you may be wondering why the world’s biggest burger chain needs to make these adjustments. However, McDonald’s have actually seen a decline in guest counts over the last three years.

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In order to keep up with their rivals, who are promising wholesome alternatives to their customers, Ronald and the gang have been scrambling to improve their image and their menu. Speaking about their decision to have an artificial preservatives overhaul, Mike Andres, president of McDonald’s U.S., said:

“Why go to the position of trying to defend them, if the consumer is saying, I prefer not to have that particular ingredient in my food?”

So does this mean that the next time we chow down on a Big Mac it will technically be as good for us as this delicious Katsu Sushi Burger?

Sadly, no.

Michael Jacobson, the executive director for the Centre for Science in the Public Interest, revealed that swapping out high-fructose won’t make McDonald’s burger buns hugely healthier or massively reduce their calorie total. However, I’m sure the majority of us would feel way better guzzling down a McChicken sandwich knowing that it was a tad better for us.

Jacobson went on to reveal that the changes will be rolled out in the next six months. Will you be piling through the Golden Arches’ doors to sample their modifications? I know I will. And let’s face it, as long as my McChicken nugget meal tastes the same, I won’t be kicking up a fuss that it’s sort of semi healthy. In fact, I’ll probably come back for more.

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