Meet The Croloaf: The Croissant Which Goes In The Toaster

Meet The Croloaf: The Croissant Which Goes In The Toaster

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This is the coolest thing since sliced bread. You may remember the croissant fusion trend began with the cronut when it was genetically spliced with a doughnut. This led other bakers to create their own "Frankenpastries" like brookies (brownie and cookie) and the scruffin (scone and muffin). After all, the only thing better than one pastry is two.

Now we've been granted with possibly the best Frankenpastry of them all, and I'm not sure what we did to deserve it. The croloaf is destined to be our new favorite breakfast, lunch, dinner and midnight snack. Prepare your bed for crumbs.


Loving parents "croissant" and "loaf of bread" gave birth to this beautiful baby. It's hitting stores via Marks & Spencer, a British retailer that was inspired to create the product after learning about Chicago bakery Beurrage's similar item.

Marks & Spencer bakery spokeswoman Sadia Usman said:

"Our croissant loaf is perfect for those who like the convenience of grabbing a slice of toast for breakfast but love the delicious buttery taste of croissants.

Now they don't have to compromise and can enjoy the best of both.

We know our customers really enjoy trying new foods and we travel around the world looking for new ideas that we can bring to their dinner tables.

We're really excited about our latest creation, which is the perfect fusion of French and British breakfast."


If you've taken a history class, you'll know that the British and French haven't always gotten along. It's so nice that the two can come together to give us something truly incredible. And the good news doesn't end there - a slice of the croloaf is actually healthier than a croissant.

Despite being made with French butter, it's way less fattening than the traditional French pastry. A slice has 114 calories, which is more than a third less than the 340 calories in the average croissant. It may be more than double the calories of a slice of bread, which only has 66, but who cares? Live a little. Just imagine the grilled cheese sandwiches you can make!


The croloaf will be on sale for £2.40 ($2.94) which is a bit more pricey than its parents, but you're getting an entire loaf of fluffy deliciousness. I think it's probably worth the extra cash. It's also still tasty even after a day or two, unlike the croissant. It's truly a perfect blend of a traditional French and British breakfast. I think I'm about to become a morning person.