Record breaking giant food from around the world

Record breaking giant food from around the world

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When it comes to yummy food, bigger is usually better. When opportunities for extra helpings of tasty treats arise, few true foodies will turn them down. However, there are some chefs around the world who are clearly either too greedy or have far too much time on their hands. These cooks have committed themselves to moulding impractically enormous record breaking food that even the hungriest devotee would describe as a bit OTT. These giants range from the just about edible, to the absurdly colossal. Here’s our collection of some of the biggest foodstuffs ever created.

1. Largest hotdog

At the more reasonable end of the giant food spectrum lies the largest hot dog commercially available. Weighing in at an impressive 3.18 kg (7 lb), this meaty monstrousity is available from Gorilla Tango Novelty Meats (US) for $40. While anyone can order this particular enormous dog, it pales in comparison to the largest ever created, which measured in at an astonishing 203 metres.

2. Largest hamburger

As we have seen, being commercially available does not mean that food has to be at all practical. This is certainly the case with the largest hamburger. Weighing in at 1,800lbs, the goliath sandwich can be found at Sport’s Grill and Bar in Detroit, USA. Due to its size the hamburger is also the most expensive, retailing at $8,000. Customers have to order with 48 hours’ notice to allow for the extensive preparation required for building such a beast.

3. Largest chocolate coin

More commonly employed as a last minute stocking filler than an essential food item, quite why anyone felt the need to create such an exorbitant chocolate coin remains something of a mystery. This record breaker weighed 658 kg and was presented at the Cioccoshow Exhibition in Bologna on November 15th 2012. Presumably they immediately began work on the world's biggest stocking to fill with the finished product.

4. Largest loaf of bread

Unlike chocolate coins, bread forms an essential part of most people’s diet. Unsurprisingly, therefore, the largest loaf ever created was a whopper. Weighing in at 1.571 tonnes (3,463 lb), this creation came about courtesy of Brazilian Joaquim Goncalves. Baked by a team of several chefs over the course of a day, this labour of love was created specifically to celebrate Guinness World Records day in 2008.

bread rolls in a pile Credit: Pixabay

5. Longest sandwich

Few things are less appetising than the idea of a party sub. Lengths of rapidly staling bread grabbed by groups of grubby fingers turn sandwich joy into a hygiene nightmare. While the whole concept might be unpalatable, chefs in Lebanon have insisted on taking the super sub to the next level, creating a giant sandwich that was an astonishing 735 metres in length. The sandwich took 136 people 22 hours to put together, and was baked by a four-metre long rolling oven.  

Though the majority of these foods are completely impractical, it’s nonetheless heartening to think that, whatever our foodie ambitions, there are chefs out there mad enough to reach and often exceed them. None of us may ever want to eat a half-mile long sandwich, but at least we know that, should we want to, the option is available.