Reese's Have Released A Creme Egg, Take All My Money

Reese's Have Released A Creme Egg, Take All My Money

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Easter is the best time of year for chocolate lovers. From as early as March, high street stores will start stocking some of your favourite Easter treats, meaning that you can get a head start on those chumps who decided to give up chocolate for lent. Giving up chocolate is like giving up breathing; it's impossible to carry on without it.

Every year, confectionary companies seem to outdo themselves when it comes to creating some Easter treats. We've seen Oreo creme eggs, vanilla cupcake M&M's, Hershey's marshmallow eggs and Twix eggs. Now, Reese's have thrown their proverbial hat into the ring, and created an egg which is nothing short of delicious.

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They've taken inspiration from Cadbury's creme eggs and created a snack-sized chocolate egg, filled with Reese's signature peanut butter filling. What's more, you get five in a pack, which is perfect, as it means you can pace yourself with them throughout the day. There are 180 calories per egg, but that fact is easy to forget when you're in the midst of eating one of these glorious, delicious creations.

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The eggs are slowly picking up speed on Twitter, with the general consensus being that they are delicious, but your waistline will suffer for it. Rumour has it that these little eggs even come with a tiny purple spoon to scoop out the peanut butter. I won't judge you if you plump for the all in one method for the eating of these eggs.

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The eggs available to purchase in Walmart, so head over there fast. I'm heartbroken that these won't be available in the UK. Reese's, please reconsider? I promise that I will buy enough of these eggs to ensure you get a profit, and I will endorse these wonderful creations to everyone I know.