A restaurant in Scotland has just created the world's spiciest ice cream, and it's absolutely lethal

A restaurant in Scotland has just created the world's spiciest ice cream, and it's absolutely lethal

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In chilli eating circles, it’s generally acknowledged that one of the best cures for a mouthful of capsaicin is as much ice cream as you can get your hands on.

Whether cooling your mouth after an ill-advised pepper, or providing welcome relief on a warm summer’s day, ice cream is the ultimate way to chill out with something delicious. However, thanks to a cafe in Scotland, ice cream’s reputation as a chilli-lover’s ally has taken a severe blow.

selection of Ice creams Credit: Scotsman Food and Drink

This month, the Aldwych Cafe in Glasgow’s city centre has claimed to have created the world’s spiciest ice cream.

Christened “Respiro del Diablo”, or “The Devil’s Breath”, this unholy creamy construct has been fashioned from a secret blend of chillies, including the infamous Carolina Reaper. Measuring in at over 1,500,000 SHU on the Scoville Heat Index, the Carolina Reaper is 500 times hotter than tabasco sauce and was, until recently, considered the hottest pepper in the world.

Anyone brave enough to try this dessert is certainly playing with fire.

Pile of Carolina Reapers Credit: WestlandPeppers

The Devil’s Breath is so hot and so unique that it requires its own special in-house rules. The recipe is said to be a closely guarded family secret and was used as a way to test bravery in the owner’s native Italy. Staff are legally required to don gloves before scooping the bright pink substance, as it has the potential to burn hands as well as mouths.

It’s not just staff that have to take extra precautions in the presence of The Devil’s Breath. Anyone willing to subject themselves to a mouthful must be over the age of 18 and must sign a waiver, freeing the restaurant of any legal responsibility in the event of the eater suffering “personal injury, illness and possible loss of life". If there was ever a dessert that deserves respect, this ice cream is it.

waiver for Devils Breath ice cream Credit: Aldwych Cafe and Ice Cream Parlour

The Alwych Cafe and Ice Cream parlour is something of a Glaswegian institution. The family business has been making ice cream since 1936 and has released a number of unusual flavours over the years. As well as The Devil’s Breath, menu oddities have included blue bubblegum and parma violet, and the parlour is an expert in creating limited availability seasonal specials.

It’s no coincidence that this year’s spicy offering was launched in the run up to Valentine’s Day. According to the brother of the owner Lee Bandoni, so potent is The Devil’s Breath that it can even act as an effective aphrodisiac. This would not be the first time that chillies have been cited as an amorous ingredient, so it makes sense that his ice cream would be an effective way to spice up your love life.

tub of Devils Breath Ice cream Credit: Nerdist

The cafe is only promising to stock The Devil’s Breath until the end of the month, so anyone eager for a sample will have to plan an impromptu expedition to Glasgow. However, early feedback has apparently been extremely positive, so there is the possibility of an extended run. Regardless of whether The Devil’s Breath actually tastes any good, anyone willing to make the trip is guaranteed a completely unique ice cream eating experience.