Shocked diners in Thailand discover that they've accidentally been eating human flesh

Shocked diners in Thailand discover that they've accidentally been eating human flesh

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Even though eating any animal at all is obviously a non-starter for a proper veggie, there is a definite scale of depravity. At one end, you have foods that might sneak under the radar for anyone not in the know: marshmallows, proper parmesan cheese etc. At the other, you might have a massive bloody sausage, or a big pile of offal. However, a recent story has proven that even if you’ve accidentally eaten a steak, there are far, far worse to break your plant-based pledge.

Customers at a vegetarian restaurant in Thailand this week were appalled to discover that their food had been spiked with what looked at first glance to be clumps of minced beef. Obviously upset, several of the diners decided to report what had happened to local authorities. When officials began to examine the food that was being served, however, it soon became clear that what at first seemed like an unfortunate misunderstanding was actually something much more macabre.

As police peered into the kitchen of the eatery in downtown Bangkok, they were horrified to see a scene that looked more like a set from The Evil Dead than somewhere suitable for serving dinner. Bloodstains sprayed across the walls, and gore spattered implements lay menacingly across worktops. It was then that authorities discovered the body of 61-year-old Prasit Inpathom. The team quickly put two and two together.

Cannibal restaurant Credit: Asia News Network

The prevailing theory is that Inpathom, a frequent customer at the restaurant, and the owner had an altercation after closing earlier this week. Friends knew that Inpathom had applied for a job at the restaurant a few days earlier, and had been seen enjoying a few cocktails in the bar several nights prior to the incident. Detectives surmise that the situation soon turned ugly, and the owner completely lost his cool. Inpathom sustained six stab wounds in his legs and stomach, before suffering a blunt force trauma injury to the head injury - a blow believed to have been powerful enough to kill him.

It seems that, in an attempt to cover up the crime, the owner - who escaped the scene and remains at large - decided to dispose of the body by including it in his cooking and serving it to oblivious diners. Chunks of flesh were found scattered across the kitchen, while the rest of Inpathom’s remains were found a few metres away, slowly decomposing in a septic tank.

Body out of tank Credit: Asia News Network

It’s currently unclear how many customers may have inadvertently consumed human flesh as a result of this gruesome crime. Thai police are on the lookout for anyone who may have information regarding the whereabouts of the restaurant owner or who may have been a witness to what took place. The hope is that they can soon unravel the mystery behind what must be one of the most tragic to ever take place in the world of food. Whatever the outcome, there’s no doubt that this Thai crime will go down as one of the all-time terrifying kitchen nightmares.