Strawberry Cheesecake Oreo Ice Box Cake

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2x 500ml tubs strawberry frozen yoghurt, slightly softened
300g strawberries, cut in half
208g strawberry cheesecake Oreo
250g light cream cheese
30g icing sugar
1 tsp vanilla essence

(Serves 12)


Place your strawberries cut side down in one even layer in a small baking tray lined with cling film.
Spoon one pot of frozen yoghurt on top of the strawberries. Smooth out.
Lay down your Strawberry Cheesecake Oreo in one even layer.
In a mixing bowl, whip your cream cheese, sugar and vanilla essence until nicely combined. Spoon this all over your biscuits and spread evenly.
Top with the remaining frozen yoghurt. Smooth over and pop in the freezer for 3+ hours to set.
Turn out of the tin onto a serving board and remove the cling film.
Slice up and serve. Enjoy!