Study reveals drinking Diet Coke can actually make you gain weight

Study reveals drinking Diet Coke can actually make you gain weight

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If you're not one yourself, we all know someone who's a die-hard Diet Coke addict. At any point in the day, they can be seen chugging a can of the stuff, whether it be during their commute, or as a pick-me-up throughout the day.

But while you may think drinking the diet drink can aid you when it comes to losing weight - or at least help you avoid the calories that come from the full-fat version - research has shown that this may not be true.

Researchers from George Washington University have found that young people who drink low-calorie drinks, such as Diet Coke, tend to consume an extra 200 calories a day than those who opt for water.

"These results challenge the utility of diet or low-calorie sweetened beverages when it comes to cutting calories and weight management," said Dr. Allison Sylvetsky who led the study. "Our findings suggest that water should be recommended as the best choice for kids and teens."

In the study, researchers analysed the diets of 7,026 children and teenagers between 2011 and 2016.

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They found that respondents who drank diet drinks ingested around 196 extra calories a day than those who just drank water. And those who opted for sugary beverages consumed an extra 312 calories a day.

Sylvetsky and her team hope that the findings will encourage youngsters to ditch both sugary beverages and diet drinks, in favour of some H20.

If you're looking for a healthier alternative to diet drinks, Sylvetsky suggests flavoured sparkling water, or mixing water with a few pieces of fruit.

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