The 7 greatest fast food secret menu items of all time

The 7 greatest fast food secret menu items of all time

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The secret menu is like Bigfoot. Many people go their whole lives in pursuit of it and most normal people either don’t believe it exists or don’t really care a great deal. Unlike Bigfoot however, the secret menu is not only alive and kicking, but well worth hunting for.

Typically featuring foods that only exist in your wildest dreams, the secret menu is a place of endless possibilities. Here, the normal rules of burger building and pizza topping don’t apply. This is where line cooks have let their imaginations off the leash. From some of the world’s most famous fast food chains, here are the seven greatest secret menu items of all time.

1. Meat Mountain

As purveyors of the world’s meatiest sandwiches, Arby’s certainly have all the ingredients to deliver on the secret menu promise. Though there are loads of different off-menu items from which to choose, the absolute daddy has to be the Meat Mountain. A colossal combination of every type of meat on the menu, plus cheese, this $10 giant is the ultimate in hand held indulgence.

2. Burritodilla

The infamous quesarito - a standard burrito, wrapped in a quesadilla - became the bane of every Chipotle employee's life thanks to its incredibly complex and lengthy prep. It’s small wonder that they’ve kept its little brother such a closely guarded secret. The burritodilla is a quesadilla stuffed with about half the ingredients of a normal burrito, making it a lightweight alternative to the heavy duty quesarito.

3. Double Grilled Cheese Burger

Five Guys’ specialism in premium smashed burgers have helped them build a ravenous international fan base. The crown jewel in their special brand of burger based fast food is undoubtedly the ridiculous double grilled cheese burger. With two patties, sandwiched between two separate grilled cheese sandwiches, this is not a dish for the faint (or weak) of heart.

4. Peanut Butter and Bacon Shack Burger

Depending on who you ask, you could make a case for Shake Shack being among the best burgers on the planet. On the strength of this ridiculous secret menu special, it’s tough to argue that they are at least among the most creative. Featuring a standard Shackburger with bacon, drenched in a serving of peanut sauce, this whacky combo takes salt and sweet to all new levels.

5. Suicide Burger

If you fancy dicing with death and the possibility of a trans-fat induced cardiac episode, Burger King’s signature secret menu item could be for you. Created by taking the regular ingredients of a Whopper and adding three more patties, cheese and bacon, this sandwich will almost certainly take you to fast food heaven before it sends you to hell.

6. Grilled Cheese

There was a time when vegetarian McDonald’s patrons would have to make do with a limp salad or a bedraggled bean patty as their friends scoffed down unconscionable quantities of nuggets and Big Macs. Thanks to the secret menu, that time is over. Made by stuffing slices of American cheese inside a hamburger bun, this off menu veggie option is a game changer for plant based fast food lovers everywhere.

McDonald's grilled cheese Credit: BakaLOL

7. Meat Cube

Despite sounding more like futuristic dog food than anything fit for human consumption, Wendy’s meat cube delivers in all the ways that matter. Featuring four of the chain’s signature square patties, along with cheese and lettuce, this is one sandwich that does exactly what it says on the tin.

For anyone who dines regularly, the constant fast food menu can be demoralising boring. No matter how tasty nuggets may be, there are times when everyone wants a taste of something different. Now you’re armed with this list, you have no excuse not to go out and fall back in love with fast food.