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These are the 8 foods you need to have in your bunker to survive the end of the world

These are the 8 foods you need to have in your bunker to survive the end of the world

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If the news is making one thing abundantly clear, it’s the world is going to end worryingly soon. If it isn’t a stray missile from a mad politician, it will be Antarctica’s rapid transformation into the world’s biggest puddle. We don’t know exactly how it will come. All we know is that it is coming. Be afraid.

In times like these, the sensible thing to do is to push the panic button. For a growing number of preppers, this means digging a big hole in your back garden, packing it full of supplies and waiting, preferably behind the barrel of something long, pointy and explosive. But, unless you play your cards right, this tactic is only a short term solution. To be in it for the long haul, what you really need are the right things in the fridge. These are the eight foods you need to have in your bunker to survive the end of the world.

end of the world Credit: pixabay/hucky

1. Honey

Why anyone ever puts an expiration date on a pot of honey is something of a mystery. Because it is made almost entirely of sugar, it is very difficult for bacteria to corrupt the honey itself, giving it an almost impossibly long shelf life. In fact, some archaeologists have unearthed edible vats of honey believed to be around 5,000 years old.

2. Rice

Though the risks of reheating cooked rice have been well documented, there’s little doubt that the small white grains are an essential in any apocalypse bunker. According to the USDA and FDA, properly stored uncooked rice can last as long as 30 years in a sealed container.

3. Beans

While canned beans are also incredibly resistant to decay, it’s uncooked dried beans that you really want if you plan on rebuilding society. According to researchers at Utah State University, beans that have been stored correctly for more than 30 years are still almost always edible.

4. Alcohol

As a natural preservative, it makes sense that alcohol can last a long time. That there are bottles of wine more than a century old that people are still willing to pay thousands of pounds for tells you that booze is a must have in any bunker. Even if everyone else dies, you can at least get plastered.

5. Energy Bars

Almost all preppers and extreme sports enthusiasts agree that energy bars are the ultimate way to get a long-lasting, long-life boost in any situation. With mosts brands sporting a sell by date around three years in the future, any energy bar is an essential ingredient in the post-apocalypse pantry.

6. Meat

One of the biggest challenges for the survivor is getting enough protein in their diet. This is where foods such as beef jerky come in handy. Dried meats may not be as long lasting as some ingredients on this list, but with shelf lives typically around the two year mark, they are still a must have.

7. Peanut Butter

Thanks to its high oil content, a properly sealed jar of peanut butter can last an extraordinarily long time. Typically, most jars will last anywhere between three and five years, though their lifespan can be dramatically reduced if improperly stored.

8. Almost anything in a can

The ultimate answer to long term food storage, putting food in a can has been around for decades. Almost anything, from fruit, to meat, to veggies can undergo canned treatment and still be edible years down the line. If you want to have any hope of repopulating the earth, cans are a must.

In the inevitable wasteland that will be planet earth within the next few years, it will be easy to forget how important food actually is. Between fighting off zombies and trying to find survivors, there might not be a lot of time for cooking. But, if you want your bunker to become a home, paying attention to this list is essential. Happy prepping, everyone.

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