This is how you can get a free Just Eat order to enjoy over the payday weekend

This is how you can get a free Just Eat order to enjoy over the payday weekend

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There aren’t many words that sound better together than “free” and “food” - and with our friends at TopCashback, you can now effortlessly combine the two.

Offer most people the choice between a few small bills and a plateful of something delicious and the majority will always opt for the latter. We’re greedy like that. It might make more practical sense to squirrel away some money, but where’s the fun in ignoring something, hot, salty and covered in cheese?

Pizza Credit: Pixabay/Daria-Yakovleva

Unfortunately, free food doesn’t tend to be readily available, unless you plan on breaking the law or diving into the bins behind your favourite restaurant. This puts many of us in a quandary. Do we splurge our hard earned cash on something yummy, or stay indoors, make do with beans on toast and be miserable?

Speaking from personal experience, the only thing stopping most of us from indulging on every night of the week is not our waistbands, but our wallets. This explains why I am both broke and out of breath whenever I get to the top of the stairs.

Chinese food Credit: Pexels

Fortunately for the destitute takeaway lover, there is a third option on the table. Rather than rummage through leftovers or sit stoney faced on the sofa, you can now treat yourself to a free takeaway of your choice, courtesy of TopCashback, via delivery giants Just Eat.

All you have to do is follow this link to register online with TopCashback. Upon completing the registration process, you will be redirected to redeem your offer, which will allow you to claim 100% of your money back on meals costing up to £15 bought through Just Eat. Within 48 hours, the money will appear in your TopCashback account, where it can then be withdrawn approximately two weeks later. Full tummies, free money and no strings attached. It’s a win win.

Pizza boxes Credit: Pixabay/Hans

Though the offer is aimed at new TopCashback customers, there is still a loophole for those who have already signed up. Provided you don’t have any previous transactions in your account, you can still take advantage of the promotion and claim your £15. Now, none of us have an excuse not to enjoy a cosy night in in the company of our favourite food. This offer ends 04/11/2018 at 23:59, so get online and tuck in. You can thank us later.