This is the easy way you can Buy One Get One Free with Uber Eats this weekend

This is the easy way you can Buy One Get One Free with Uber Eats this weekend

Order from Twisted London now!

Yes folks, you read correctly - Uber Eats are offering you all a fantastic Buy One, Get One Free deal to enjoy this weekend.

Sadly for most of us, modern life is extremely hectic. Work, family, friends, fitness - all these things make cooking delicious meals from scratch a massive challenge.

But is there anything wrong with that? As long as you're eating well it shouldn't matter whether you go to the supermarket yourself, or have a piping hot chicken laksa sent right to your sofa. Food is ultimately about enjoyment, and if you're enjoying your food, it doesn't matter where it comes from. More than ever, we need food that fits into our busy lifestyle.

That's where the lovely people at Uber Eats come in; the food delivery wizards have a handy Buy One, Get One Free offer which runs until Sunday 14th October - which means less worrying about whether you have feta in the fridge, and more time to catch up with loved ones. The offer applies to literally hundreds of amazing restaurants, giving you the chance to buy one meal, and get one absolutely free! It's simply the ultimate mealtime lifesaver.

It's worth mentioning that this isn't just your average takeaway. Some of the restaurants involved in the deal are truly amazing - you can get restaurant quality food while you sit in your pyjamas. Whether it's an amazing burger from Twisted LDN, fresh delights from Wasabi Sushi, treats from Krispy Kreme, or some hearty meatballs from Leon - the choices really are endless.

And it doesn't just have to be at home - download the easy-to-use app to order your food practically anywhere! It doesn't matter if you're chilling at the park, catching up at a friend's house, or staying late at work thanks to your boss - your delicious food order can now fit into your busy day at the tap of a button.

With fast and reliable delivery, enjoying Uber Eats this weekend is a guaranteed way to kick back and relax in style. Restaurant quality food brought to your door with a few clicks, what more could you possibly want?