This is why you've been eating burgers wrong your entire life

This is why you've been eating burgers wrong your entire life

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On the face of it, there aren’t many foods that look more straightforward than a burger. The simple pleasure of sandwiching bread, meat and cheese together has helped it become one of the most popular fast foods on the planet. After all, how hard can it possibly be to get two bits of bun and a wedge of beef into your face? Even the drunkest person in the room can summon the coordination to tuck in and chow down.

A burger on a platter Credit: Pixabay/fotorech

Despite everything that you’ve been brought up to believe about burger eating, a new wave of foodies have recently decided that we have, apparently, all been eating America’s favourite flame grilled food in completely the wrong way. According to several prominent bloggers and self-proclaimed “experts”, we should all be turning our burgers upside down.

Speaking to Insider Food, burger blog author and founder of “Burger Lad” Simon Dukes said that, “burgers are served the way they are purely for aesthetics.” He went on to add, "The crown [the top of the bun] is generally thicker than the heel, so for a better eating experience, you should actually flip it upside down to eat it. The crown will then hold the weight of everything else, and there is less likelihood of it falling apart in your hands. A true burger connoisseur should always eat their burgers upside down."

Aside from avoiding early disintegration, there are a few other advantages to eating the other way around. Reddit user and advocate of the method “PiggyMan7” firmly believes that the food tastes far better in reverse, elaborating that, "as one bites down on a hamburger their tongue touches the burger from the bottom, meaning that toppings are easier to taste when a hamburger is upside down. The tongue will come into contact with the toppings just before the patty, which is the ideal circumstance." With logic like that, it’s tough to argue against the idea.

Despite the many passionate proponents and apparent common sense of the approach, the upside down technique remains largely off the radar. Founder of the legendary “Burger List”, Matt Esther, told Insider that he had been completely ignorant of the idea, but was now determined to try it. Esther said that, though he’d “always eaten burgers the 'proper way,'” the method “actually makes sense.” He continued that, though “naturally, they should be eaten the right way up, and I don't think it was intended to be eaten upside down... I guess whoever discovered this has thought about the science behind it, so I'm going to give it a try on my next burger!" For supporters, getting such a big name on side is something of a coup.

If a food looks fairly self-explanatory, it’s worth giving it a closer look. You may have been eating something your entire life, but that doesn’t mean you’ve been doing it right. Even something as iconic as a burger isn’t necessarily as straightforward as it seems. Give your food a spin and you just might discover something completely different.