This Restaurant Cooked A 100-Pound Burger For An Extremely Heart-Warming Reason

This Restaurant Cooked A 100-Pound Burger For An Extremely Heart-Warming Reason

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We feel our jaws drop and our tummies rumble when we watch the legendary Man v Food eating machine Adam Richman devour the excessively large portions presented before him. From super-stacked pancakes to 12-egg omelettes to 74-ounce steaks, he has conquered all that America's restaurants have thrown at him.

Our fascination with everything to do with food has driven restaurants all over the world to create their own signature super-sized dishes. Some have raised the question of whether such encouragement of gluttony is impairing people's health and if the monster dishes are a waste of food when there are so many impoverished people on the planet. One man though, has decided that he would not be another restaurant owner wasting his ingredients and energy on a giant dish meant for a ridiculous eating challenge.


Instead, Ben Grant from Maine, wanted to create a positive impact on his community. How did he plan on doing this? Hint: it involved 70 pounds of meat and a huge team of people.

With the help of his staff from his restaurant, Dirigo Public House, Grant created a 100-pound beef burger big enough to feed the town. What is better is that all proceeds went towards charity. The burger used 70 pounds of beef cooked to a perfect medium-rare, sandwiched between two giant homemade buns and 30 pounds of lettuce, tomato, ketchup and mayo. Yum.

Grant told NBC News that what began as a joke soon evolved into a highly successful act of food-loving goodness: "Everybody's like, 'Haha the burgers are really good; you should go bigger.' It seems inappropriate... to do something that is excessive as this without some sort of community giveback."


The masterpiece left the owner incredibly proud as he opened his restaurant's doors to over 50 people. The guests had bought a ticket per portion with the majority of the funds going towards The Good Shepard Food Bank. At least their super-sized meal left more than one person full to the brim. Adam Richman would probably be able to eat that for his midmorning snack.

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