This restaurant replaces bread with pickles to make the sandwich of your dreams

This restaurant replaces bread with pickles to make the sandwich of your dreams

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Pickles are a particularly pleasant foodstuff. You can pile them high on a perfectly-prepared sandwich, put a preposterous amount of them in your preferred type of burger, or simply pick at them straight out of the jar.

But for true fans, there's only one place that will satisfy all your pickle needs: Elsie's, a restaurant in New Jersey otherwise known as The Home of the Pickle Sandwich.

Rather than using bread, like a regular, boring deli, Elsie's makes their subs and wraps using pickles - and it's a pretty big dill.

Elsie's pickle sandwiches Credit: Facebook/Elsie's

There are three main options on offer at Elsie's: speciality sandwiches, which come in both meaty and vegetarian/vegan options; roll-ups, which consist of a filling in a rolled-up slice of pickle (for those who can't handle the sub-sized option); and a make-your-own choice, with which you can customise your 'sandwich' as you would in somewhere like Subway.

"Home Of The Original Pickle Sandwich! Often imitated but never duplicated," is how Elsie's describes themselves on Facebook.

"Our pickles have been made with the same family recipe for many years using only fresh ingredients and peppered with more than a little love. We cater to a Keto and Gluten Free lifestyle and it is our sincere honor to pamper guests with our curated selection of sandwiches and roll ups constructed on our Elsie’s Signature Pickle.

Serving Pickles with a smile since 1901!"

elsie's pickle sandwich Credit: Facebook/Elsie's

And visitors to the establishment seem pretty happy with what they've found.

"Definitely recommended this place. Love Love Love this place so much," said one reviewer. "Staff is great and food is amazing... Go and visit and you will never wanna leave. The smell is AMAZING!!!"

"Why you wouldn’t order a pickle sandwich tray or just a sandwich for yourself is beyond me," said another.

"Elsie’s is now roasting their own meat. No processed lunch meat over here. I had a roasted turkey pickle sandwich and a roast beef pickle sandwich, both with lettuce, tomato, and onion and Elsie’s hummus. It’s so good.

The meat was perfectly cooked, the pickles are heavenly, and the hummus is the perfect condiment. I have no other words except to tell you that you’re crazy if you don’t order from them, especially if you’re looking for a healthy, low carb alternative to a traditional sandwich tray."

I don't know about you, but I think this place is the best thing to exist since sliced bread. Now, how much is it for a flight to New Jersey...

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