Twisted Guides: 7 of the best online cooking courses

Twisted Guides: 7 of the best online cooking courses

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While the lack of sport, inability to go outside and general sense of dread are all definite downsides of our current predicament, being stuck indoors all day still has its perks. For one thing, saving time on your commute means that you now have hours to kill elsewhere in your flat. And where better to spend them than in your kitchen?

For anyone who has always wanted to improve their cooking but never had the time, social distancing presents a rare opportunity to get practising. Obviously, learning a new craft when you’re stuck in one place is a challenge. Fortunately, the combination of world-class instruction and the internet means that you never need to leave your home. Here is our selection for the seven best online cooking courses.

Woman and man Credit: Pixabay

1. Masterclass

Despite not being entirely dedicated to cooking, Masterclass’ commitment to recruiting the best of the best works just as well with food as it does with any other subject. Featuring lessons from the likes of Gordon Ramsay, Thomas Keller, Massimo Bottura and Aaron Franklin, Masterclasses’ curriculum can help you learn everything from perfect pasta to brilliant barbecue. While it might not work for real beginners, there’s little doubting the expertise on display 

2. Udemy

A specialist in the world of online education, Udemy boasts a roster of over “24 million students”, according to the website. Alongside their instruction in academia, their courses offer affordable insights into specific culinary subjects, ranging from “Essential Cooking Skills” to “Sourdough 101” and “French Macarons”.

3. Great British Chefs

You don’t have to invest a chunk of your paycheck to learn from the best. Great British Chefs is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to take their kitchen knowledge to the next level, without breaking the bank. Their free videos and resources include exclusive recipes from some of the biggest chefs in the UK, as well as a wealth of features and blog posts providing useful hints and tips for cooking at home.

4. America’s Test Kitchen 

One of the most recognisable names in the field, America’s Test Kitchen is a one-stop-shop for all things interactive and edible. In addition to podcasts, TV series and written recipes, ATK also provides their own “Online Cooking School”, where the brand’s legendary line up of instructors will guide you through sauces, dumplings, take-out favourites and much much more. For a comprehensive look at the ins and outs of home cooking, it’s pretty hard to beat.

5. The Kitchn

A 20-lesson, 20-day intensive cooking course, The Kitchn’s Cooking School is ideal for anyone looking to brush up their skills as speedily as possible. Each lesson covers a different topic, ranging from basic knife skills on day one, all the way up to baking on day 20. Alongside expert advice on boiling, braising and roasting, it’s a great way to improve your abilities in the kitchen quickly.

6. Rouxbe

A big part of the online cooking scene since 2005, Rouxbe has made waves for its slick, innovative approach and accessible content, getting the seal of approval from cooks including the acclaimed Marcus Samuelsson. Available for both individuals and businesses, customers can benefit from a 30-day free trial before deciding to commit. Lessons include everything from food health and safety courses to recipe instruction.

7. Delia Online Cooking School

First launched in 2013, Delia Smith’s online enterprise is another brilliant free resource for eager cooks. The course itself is divided into five separate “Terms”, which focus on topics ranging from “Perfect Cakes” in term one, all the way up to “Perfect Rice and Pasta” in term five. Coupled with useful videos on subjects such as zesting citrus fruits and making sausage rolls, the Delia Online Cooking School is a great place to start your internet home cooking odyssey. 

As anyone who’s got too deep into “Tiger King” will tell you, there are plenty of procrastinatory obstacles between you and productivity at home. If you’re on the lookout for something useful to get your teeth into, these seven courses could be a great place to start.