Viral food trends that actually taste as good as they look

Viral food trends that actually taste as good as they look

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Food that goes viral has an inclination towards style over substance. Unicorn cheese might look intriguing, but tends to taste like clown vomit. However, for all the ill-conceived rainbow bagels and sushi burritos of this world, sometimes someone can strike gold and create something truly yummy. Here are a few of Twisted's favourite viral food trends.

1. Mac and Cheese buns

It’s a no-brainer, but this much meat and cheese is almost always a good thing. Whichever genius first decided to cut out the heart attack middleman and just encase his burger in the good stuff deserves some sort of medal. Or at least a free heart bypass coupon. Variants on the now classic "mac-and-cheese" sandwich include mac and cheese atop, within and around the burger itself. All variables are acceptable and usually delicious. Just please go for a jog after eating.

2. Yorkshire Pudding burritos

Despite being integral to many people’s idea of a proper British Sunday roast, the classic Yorkshire pud has been maligned in recent years. Americans don’t know what it is and Brits would rather ignore it than give it proper respect. Thankfully, the mighty Yorkshire is showing signs of a comeback.

A typical Yorkshire pudding burrito is loaded with the complete Sunday roast - meat, potatoes, veg and gravy are all helping take the humble pud to new heights. So delicious is this trend that supermarkets have got in on the act: selling ready made Yorkshire pudding wraps for use at home. Whoever had this idea, wherever you are - we salute you.

3. S’mores on everything

If ever a course was susceptible to dubious and unnecessary elaboration, dessert is it. We’ve already seen innumerable sweet pizzas, impractical ice creams, mountainous milkshakes and gargantuan gummy bears, the majority of which leave a disappointing and overly sweet taste in the mouth. To this excessively saccharine scene; enter the s’more.

A staple of campfire gatherings in the United States, the classic s’more consists of marshmallow, chocolate and crackers. However, the geniuses of the foodieverse have been adding them to every conceivable dessert. Muffins, cookies, brownies and biscuits: nothing is safe from s’more-ification. Fortunately, marshmallow and chocolate makes everything better. S’more, please.

4. Decadent dips

There was a time when dips were the ugly duckling of dinner times - friend only of carrot and cucumber, consigned to pre-dinner snacking, midnight feasting and being politely refused at fancy parties. Fortunately for everybody’s sake, they have now evolved into a bevy of delicious swans and are taking centre stage themselves.

The joy of dipping is that there really isn’t any limit on what you decide to dip into. We’ve seen lasagnes, enchiladas and five bean chillies transformed into dipping centrepieces worthy of any mealtime. What to dip is often just as crucial as the dip itself: garlic bread triangles, chicken nuggets and homemade tortilla chips are helping dipping fanatics to run wild with their new creations.

Variety of Dips Credit: Pixabay

Though viral food is decidedly hit and miss, it's clear from these dishes that not every idea is terrible/extremely irritating. No matter how frustrated you may be with cat shaped poke bowls, we encourage you to persevere! You never know when you might stumble across the next stroke of viral genius.