Is This Is The World's Most Expensive Pizza?

Pizza is basically my boyfriend. It comforts me when I'm down, makes me lovesick when I eat a slice too many and is always stealing cash out of my purse. If London pizza joint PizzaGoGo's new offering was a boyfriend, he'd definitely be the type that likes to whisk you off to Italy for a date and buy you a unicorn for your birthday.

Because this pizza is no ordinary pizza. This pizza is topped with lobster, beluga caviar, fantail prawns, white truffle oil and ACTUAL GOLD. It costs £500 ($660), for which you could probably buy an actual boyfriend. Right?


The pizza is a 'personal size', which I find to be insulting to the name of pizza. It's 18" or bust in my book. But to be fair to them, the hefty price does come with a red-carpet delivery service and your very own butler to hand feed you the slices.

The £500 feast is available at any of PizzaGoGo's 15 London branches. All they ask is you give them three day's notice - most likely because they don't actually think anyone would be stupid enough to order one.

Also, if you were planning on going stuffed crust, I hope you've got some loose change, because they'll charge you another £2 on top. Of course, once you decide you're going to spend £500 on a pizza, a few extra pounds doesn't really matter, does it?

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