The world's most inappropriate fast food restaurant locations

The world's most inappropriate fast food restaurant locations

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One of the joys of being a lover of restaurants from across the fast food spectrum is knowing that, by and large, wherever you are you can treat yourself to a familiar greasy treat. However, there are some places where the presence of a particular concession seems ill-advised. Here’s a collection of a few of the least appropriate fast food locations.

The Louvre

Perhaps unsurprisingly, McDonald’s features heavily on this list. The French were understandably outraged when the golden arches popped up in the Louvre in late 2009. Staring at the Mona Lisa whilst clutching a Happy Meal does feel slightly at odds with the gallery’s hallowed air. Sacre Bleu.

Louvre pyramid at night Credit: Pexels

The Pyramids

What better way to contemplate the majestic legacy of the pharaohs than with a bucket of KFC? Apparently chicken makes for the ultimate pyramid viewing experience. In Cairo, there is a KFC, topped with a Pizza Hut, that has a series of windows offering stunning vistas of the pyramids at Giza. We are unsure how the mummified lords and ladies of Egypt would feel about the double-decker of fast food decadence that over-fed tourists now use to stare at them.

Great pyramids at Giza with camels in foreground Credit: Pexels

Museum of Communism

If there’s one thing guaranteed to rile the ghosts of communist dictatorship in Prague, it’s the embodiment of American capitalist decadence being set up right next to their museum. Perhaps more ironic than inappropriate, this branch is the best example of Maccy D's particular style of humour. The restaurant itself actually looks very smart, especially when compared to some others on this list. That doesn’t make this whole concept any less questionable.

The Forbidden Palace/The Great Wall

Traditionally a nation of tea-drinkers, Starbucks launched its attack on China in 2000 with a branch opening in the heart of the Forbidden City in Beijing. So central to Chinese culture is the world heritage site that a furious backlash saw the franchise removed seven years later. However, while Starbucks lost the battle, they would not lose the war, launching a fresh offensive on the Great Wall in 2005, where they have remained ever since. With the wall breached, the rest of the country would soon fall to the coffee giant’s caffeinated clutches.

Guantanamo Bay

Another attempt by McDonald’s to annoy communists everywhere is their branch in this notorious detention centre. Despite being best known for housing terrorists, Gitmo is also home to the only Mcdonald’s in the whole of Cuba. Surrounded by barbed wire and open only to base personnel, the proximity and denial of nuggets adds insult to injury.

As businesses, it is a fast food franchises prerogative to set up as many branches as possible. We wouldn’t begrudge them any of their hard-earned money. However, these branches show that there is a line of taste somewhere, and that it has definitely been crossed. If fast food bosses from across the spectrum could have a look at some of these shockers and say that enough is enough, many tourists and locals will think much better of them.