You can now get a 'Beans on Toast' maker

You can now get a 'Beans on Toast' maker

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Cooking gadgets are rarely all they’re cracked up to be. As awesome as it is to kit your kitchen out with more flashing lights and levers than the flight deck of the Millenium Falcon, the reality is that most appliances are big, clunky and about as reusable as an old condom. What we all need is an approach to culinary tech that recognises the importance of versatility. 

Step forward, the best thing to happen to breakfast since sliced bread. In a move that promises to revolutionise how the world wakes up, famed French cookware brand Tefal has decided to make morning multitasking easier than ever. Say goodbye to scrubbing multiple pans and sweeping stale crumbs. The two-in-one “Beans on Toast” maker is here. 

Tefal beans toaster Credit: Argos

Officially dubbed the “Tefal Toast 'n' Egg 'n' Beans toaster”, the new gizmo is the ultimate answer to anyone who has ever felt too rushed for brekky. In addition to a two-slice toaster, the appliance also features a separate “Bean Warmer” drawer, which can also double up as an egg cooker. As the official description explains:

“The Tefal Toast 'n' Egg 'n' Beans toaster is perfect for preparing a delicious morning breakfast in half the time. The Tefal toaster can toast your bread and heat up hot beans at the same time. The easy clean dish means cleaning up will be quicker too.”

What a time to be alive. 

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In addition to being extremely exciting on the surface, all the signs indicate that the multi-faceted toaster actually delivers. The product is “recommended by 94% of customers”, according to the Argos website, and currently has a rating of 4.7. 

Credit: Argos

According to one online reviewer, the toaster is “Ideal for the things I want it to do and style is nice,” while another added, “Absolutely love making breakfast in Toaster Yes it works my pouched eggs are fantastic also all in 1 breakfast love love this Toaster.” Apparently, if you want to enjoy online acclaim, the key is to help make breakfast as easy as possible.

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