You can now get bags of Snickers popcorn

You can now get bags of Snickers popcorn

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Anyone who has spent the last seven weeks pacing around their flat like a depressed panther knows that, as time has gone by, the snack drawer has become an increasingly tempting proposition. When you’re desperate for any entertainment that isn’t the 10th rewatching of this week’s ‘The Last Dance’ episodes, browsing on delicious treats seems like an excellent alternative. 

Unfortunately, as snacking slips from exciting novelty to mundane munching, it can be difficult to the fire alive. There are only so many chocolate digestives you can eat before even biscuits start to look boring. However, just as all hope of salvaging our relationship with snacking was starting to fade, one of the world’s most famous chocolate bars has decided to step up to the plate. 

Available know through exclusive retail syndicate Sam’s Club, beloved peanut and caramel bar Snickers has leant its signature sweet and savoury flavour to popcorn. If you thought Netflix was enjoyable before, wait until you’re elbow-deep in a bag of buttery chocolate popcorn as you binge-watch. 

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Sold in sizeable 20oz bags, the new snack “combines two of America's snacks into one mouthwatering popcorn.” According to the official description on the Sam’s Club website:

“Candy Pop Snickers popcorn is taking snacking innovation to the next level. Candy Pop is the first popcorn to combine drizzled flavor with real candy pieces. Candy pop is partnering with the renowned Snickers brand and giving customers two of their favorite snacks snickers candy and popcorn. Snickers Candy Pop is a lightly seasoned popcorn that is drizzled with caramel and then covered with ground up snickers candy and nuts.”

Credit: Sam's Club

Initial reaction to the delicious-sounding popcorn seems to be pretty positive. The bags have a 4.0 out of five rating on Sam’s Club, with one happy customer describing them as, “my new Favorite addiction! They are so good!” The terms of lockdown may look like they’re beginning to shift, but that doesn’t make news of a new tasty treat any less welcome.