You can now get giant Twix cheesecakes that serve 8 people

You can now get giant Twix cheesecakes that serve 8 people

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Like “bacon-stuffed”, and “deep-fried”, “Twix” and “cheesecake” are two words that just belong together. Like any classic combination, it’s impossible to picture a Twix cheesecake without involuntarily nodding your head and drooling. Go on. We dare you.

Unfortunately, this sweet treat has historically only been available to ambitious, over-indulgent home bakers, making it more of a chocolatey pipe-dream than realistic dessert. That, however, is all about to change. 

Thanks to the meticulous research of food-focused Instagram account @junkfoodonthego, it looks like dreams of thousands of hungry Twix lovers could be about to come true. According to the Instagrammer, you can actually buy readymade Twix cheesecakes in stores now. The only slight downside for Americans is that they will have to hop on quite a long flight. Still, this is a discovery that's definitely worth celebrating. 

@junkfoodonthego originally brought the product to the world’s attention after unearthing it, alongside a Mars mud pie, in a supermarket in Hong Kong. However, subsequent research has revealed that the cheesecake, which can serve up to eight people if, for some inexplicable reason, you feel like sharing, is also available at a number of British-based supermarkets, including frozen food specialist Iceland. 

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Featuring a biscuity base, creamy middle and chocolate topping, the product blurb describes the indulgent pud as containing “Creamy cheesecake & caramel, topped with chocolate sauce and chocolate covered biscuits.” For anyone with a sweet tooth, it certainly sounds like it ticks all the boxes. 

Unfortunately for anyone outside of Southeast Asia and England, the frozen treat could well be almost impossible to transport. Still, for anyone determined to look on the bright side, it at least makes choosing your next holiday destination infinitely easier. All you need is a spoon and seven other guests.